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82 FORTY-NLNTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 421. 1886. V¢S¤¢I¤ i¤ di¤- cents per ton per annum, is hereby imposed at each entry upon all ves- §°“’g;;m”‘f ““d‘ sels which shall be entered in the United States from any other foreign g' Pports, not, however, to include vessels in distress or not engaged in grovigo. t trade: Provided, That the Presideut of the United Statics shall suspend ¤>¤i €¤ to ¤¤¤· the collection of so much of the uty herein impose on vesse s en- $:2; f311g;;;';? 3; tered from any foreign port, as may be in excess of the tonnage and ,,1,,,,,.;,,,, of foreign light-house dues, or other equivalent tax or taxes, imposed in said port. port on American vessels by the Government of the foreign country intwhich fsuch tporttistsituafled, ami shalhféipon tue passage of this ac an rom imc o ime l erea er as o en as 1 may ecome necessary by reason of changes in the laws of the foreign countries above mentioned, indicate by proclamation the ports to which such suspension shall apply, and the rate or rates of tonnage-duty, if any, to be V¤¤¤¤l¤<>ff¤¤=ig¤ collected under such suspension: Provided further That such proc- °°“”“Y i“’P°“l“g lamation shall exclude from the benefits of ltho sus’ension herein auhigherfeesonUni- h . d h 1 . . h p h anoni sovvnex- *1 0I' Ha 111* 1mp0S OH V SS B D1 3 CS, 2;: **2* “*“’* 3..‘LE.‘“.§~ ..$.,f’{‘3.?° S °S““§ *`°’“‘gé‘.i°°““‘;.‘”’.-ZE. `Ji tif WEE.} Si €°‘”‘ S5 <=l¤d°d·the import or export duties on their cargoes are in excess of the fees dues, or duties imposed on the vessels of the country in which such port KS-, Secs- 4223, is situated, or on the cargoes of such vessels; and sections forty-two gi212é;g£lg?*» P- hundreld agi:] tweutiy-three and forty-two hu_ndred and twenty-four, and . _ _ 1 1 c n, e e ep e . 8.%·S··*“·“**’·P· $.‘Zé§"2.‘; .3...Ei€1§"2.·ii?}`§3§“‘€{}.“"’S5"‘L‘L§‘i§‘,?€E°°‘L§f Ei-`? ““"‘“" Sm `_§;°;.;‘;g?gut‘é;Q; SEO. 12. That the President be, and hereby is, directed to cause the ernment, to 3b0L Governments of foreign countries which, at any of their ports, impose isn tonnage, em., on American vessels a tonnage-tax or light-house dues, or other equiv- $*165, Md vfiwr ailent tax or taxes, or any other fees, charges, or dues, to be informed of °"‘ the ](u·ov1sions of ubc prie_cedi(ug section, andlinvitcd to eo-operate with e ‘overnment o the nite States in abo ishing all light-house dues tonnage-taxes, or other equivalent tax or taxes on, and also all other tees for official services to, the vessels of the respective nations employed ID the trade between the ports of such foreign country and the _ ports of the United States. iugvzjgsgfg (xc2B;; 13. That sectioln elevenof "A1n act to ren;o1veAcertain burdens _ -d I h _ on e merican mere an marme an encourage e merican foreivn ggvl H OPC est carrying-trade, and for other purposes," approved June twenty-sixili, Ck4t,,,: {vol. 23,p. 56. eighteen hundred and eighty-four, shall not be construed to apply to vessels engaged in the whaling or fishing business. steam gauges. Sec. 14. That section forty-four hundred and eivhteen of the Revised 85%- $*;:;*3 ::18» P- Statutes is hereby amended by striking out fron? the nineteenth and ’ ‘ following- lines thereof the words “and, to indicate the pressure of steam, suitable steam-registers that will correctly record each excess of steam carried above the prescribed limit, and the highest point atta1ned,” and inserting in lieu thereof the following: " and suitable steam t ‘ l` [ - v m£g_’,‘;;“;,;*;¤c0;f gagggl1g.uTlh1§t1tl1eh]$rgvishzli1r:sgssdgdlsns twenty-tive hundred and ten ummm, mpm, andtwenty-five hundred and eleven of the Revised Statutes, as the ct.,,, of ,-.,8,,.;,;,, in sections of Title thirty-three are numbered in “An act to reduce interuolrnggsgtgggegsao nalhuevenue tgxagiondand ilur olther pnrposes," approved March third, . ‘ eig een nn re an eig y-t ree and the provisions of sect'- mt-;f’Q£1;,'_ 523_ teen. of **An act to remove certain_ burdens on the American megclhirit r»1-23-»-M §ti’2Fi.3?;‘.§?3';‘€€’“J3§?.€23 f}ti‘2.‘.§"€.‘.‘l‘.§..€°"’*g“ °”l‘“"“g‘*‘““°· “““ f°’ _ _ i y-sixth, eighteen hundred and eighty-tour, shall apply to the construction, equipment, repairs, and slupplxeslof vessels of thetlgnited States employed in the tisheries or in c w a mg usiness, in e same manner as to vess is of the U ' Ln---»~ S’§§’§ `i%g“i§3£‘L£‘°€°riig“ ¥""“"e- i at- t i. B 0 mm Bd _,) . . _ e we ve o sec ion o - wo undred and thirt - and three of the Revised Statutes shall be so construed as not to requirle Lumwc., m,-,,, roswboats and skiifs upon the river Saint Lawrence to carry lights. mi;. s., sec. 4233,p. Sec. 17 . That whenever any foreign country whose vessels have been · placed on the same footing in the ports of the United States as Amertn`¤¤·¢.·•-— t &m;d {j":,} W 9* 5!>»"‘¢° €‘*"-~ l J Gi a lx Ii Q P