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FORTYNIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. S27. 1556. [93 For contingent expenses of the Territory, to be expended by the gov- Contingent ex ernor, five hundred dollars. l’°¤“°°· TERRITDRY OF Wronrmc.-For salary of governor, two thousand Wyoming. six hundred dollars; chief justice and two associate judges, at three P“Y°*`8°"°m°’· thousand dollars each; and secretary, at one thousand eight hundred °t°' dollars, thirteen thousand four hundred dollars. For legislative expenses, namely: For fuel, rent, light, storage of L°gi¤l¤*i'¤ ¤¤· legislative furniture, stationery, postage, messenger, and incidentals of P°"““‘ secretary’s office, one thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the Territory, to be expended by the gov- C°¤*i¤S°¤* H- ernor, five hundred dollars. I’°”"“· WAR DEPARTMENT. W¤rD•=r¤r¤¤¤¤m- For compensation of the Secretary of War, eight thousand dollars; I’=Y°*`$°•=¤=*=¤T- one chief clerk, at two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; one dis- °l“k“· °*°‘ bursing clerk, at two thousand dollars; three chiefs of division, at two thousand dollars each; one stenographer, at one thousand eight hundred dollars; five clerks of class ibm-; seven clerks of class three; nine clerks of class two; twenty-eight clerks of class one; seven clerks, at one thousand dollars each; four messengers; seven assistant messengers; eight laborers; carpenter, one thousand dollars; foreman of laborers, one thousand dollars; one hostler, six hundred dollars; two hostlers, at five hundred and forty dollars each; and one watchman, at five hundred and forty dollars ; in all, one hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. I _ hw run OFFICE or run Anmrmvr-GENERAL.-One chief clerk, at A<}.i¤*¤¤*·G 0 ¤ · two thousand dollars; twenty-five clerks of class four; thirty-five °"’l “Om°°‘ clerks of class three; sixty-nine clerks of class two; three hundred and iifry·nine clerks of class one; sixteen clerks, at one thousand dollars each; five messengers; fifty-one assistant messengers; twenty watchman; three laborers; in all, seven hundred and three thousand seven hundred dollars: Provided, That one clerk of class four, two P"°€"°· t I clerks of class two, and six clerks of class one shall be employed for mE;?g:,'}’°;°°ff,¤f:§; the sole purpose of completing, with the necessary detail from the ex- force!. isting force, the regimental registers of the volunteer forces of the several States during the late war. And not less than two hundred of the clerks in the Office of the Adjutant-General shall be exclusively en- Amgumm, for gaged in preparing and making reports to expedite the settlement of pgngigu wm-k_,tg,_ pension applications and soldier’s claims. Is rim OFFIGE or run Issrzcron-GENERAL.-For one clerk of I¤g=p¤¤l¤r-G··¤- class tour; one clerk of class one; one assistant messenger; in all, three °"'l°m°°· thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars. Burman or Mrmcranr Jusrrcn.-One chief clerk, at one thousand Bnrwr of Milleight hundred dollars; two clerks of class three; four clerks of class ****7 J“"’l°°· one; one clerk, at one thousand dollars; one copyist; one messengerand one assistant messenger; in all, thirteen thousand two hundred and sixty dollars. · _ In crm; Smmu. Orman.;-Two clerks of class four; three clerks of $¤8¤¤i 0*** class one; one clerk, at one thousand dollars; one messenger; one assistant messenger; one messenger, at four hundred and eighty dollars; and one laborer, at four hundred and twenty dollars; in all, ten thousand six hundred and sixty dollars. For the services of scientific experts, clerks, draughtsmen, copyists, 0l>¤¢¤‘*¤·*i¤¤ of messengers, mechanics, laborers, and such other services as the Secre- '*°"“¤ °t°· tary of War may deem necessary, in the Oiiiee of the Chief Signal Officer, to carry into edect the appropriations for observation and report of storms, and for the construction, maintenance, and repairs of military telegraph lines, thirty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Provin- Secretary of War shall each year,, in the annual estimates, reportto R¤P¤1‘*· Congress the number of persons no employed, and the amount paid to each. · srivr L-vox. xxx\‘-—l.l