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FORTY·NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 320. 1887. 467 made in open market in amount not exceeding three thousand dollars: Provided, That funds herein and heretofore appropriated tbr construe- Pmum. tion of ditches and other works for irrigating may, in the discretion of Irrigation. the Secretary of the Interior, be expended in open market: Provided further, That purchases in open market may be made from Indians, P)11‘¤h¤¤¤¤ from under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, to an amount not I"d"‘“'· exceeding three thousand dollars. _ Sec. 4. That; so much of the appropriations herein made as may be Avpr¢>1>ri=~¢i¤¤i required to pay for goods and supplies, and for transportation of the f°’8°g?’£°l*°·•°&‘H» same, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty- ;'{Q§f’ m ° y°v ` eight, shall be immediately available; but no such goods or supplies shall be distributed or delivered to any of said Indians prior to July _ p . iirst, eighteen hundred and eightyseven j and the Secretary of the In- ,S¤PP*Y*¤§ dwi terior, under the direction of the President, may use any surplus that °'°"°i°" ` may remain in any of the said appropriations herein made for the pur- r chase of subsistence for the several Indian tribes, to an amount not exceeding twenty-tive thousand dollars in the aggregate, to supply any subsistence deficiency that may occur: Provided, however, That funds P•'°°*¤¤v· appropriated to fulfill treaty obligations shall not be so used : And pro- m_T;:3*Y`f"“d?°*‘ vided further, That any diversions which shall be made under authority {QV,,},;,,,,,, to I,, of this section shall he reported in detail, and the reasons therefor, to reported. Congress, at the session of Congress next succeeding uch diversion: A••dprovidcdfu11hcr, That the Secretary of the Interior, under the direction of the President, may use any sums appropriated in this act for subsistence, and not absolutely necessary for that purpose, for the pur- gz: ’°t*:l““° °‘ chase of stock cattle for the benefit of the tribe for which such appro- ’ °° °‘ printion is made, or for the assistance of such Indians to become farmers, and shall report to Congress, at its next session thereafter, an account of his action under this provision. Sec. 5. That when not required for the purpose for which appropri- T¤*¤°*`°*°“'“*d¤ ated, the funds herein provided for the- pany of specified employees at ;:;_P“Y °f°"'P1°y' any agency may be used by the Secretary of the Interior for the pay of · other employees at such agency, bu]; no deficiency shall be thereby created; and, when necessary, specified employees may be detailed for other service when not required for duty ibn- which they were engaged; and that the several appropriations herein made for millers, blacksmiths, engineers, carpenters, physicians, and other persons, and for various articles provided for by treaty stipulation tbr the several Indian tribes, may be diverted to other uses for the benefit of the said tribes, respectively, within the discretion of the President, and with the consent of said tribes, expressed in the usual manner; and that he cause report to be made to Congress, at its next session thereafter, of his action under this provision. Sec. 6. That whenever, after advertising for bids for supplies in ac- u1f°J°°**°¤ °Y cordance with section three of this act, those received for any article '”‘ contain conditions detrimental to the interest of the Government, they " may berejecled, and the articles specitied in such bids purchased in _ open market, at prices not. to exceed those of the lowest bidder, and not P " *’° hk¤¤9• *¤ to exceed the market price of the same, until such time as satisthetory °"““ '““' °°” bids can be obtained, for which im mediate advertisement shall be made. Sec. 7. That at any of the Indian reservations where there is now on $¤*°¤*f*`P*‘°P°'*Y hand Government property not required for the use and beneht of the °°° ""°'l’ '"°°°°°°' Indians at said reservations, the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to move such property to other Indian reservations where it ' may be required, or to sell in and apply the proceeds of the same in the purchase of such articles as may he needed for the use of the Indians for whom said property was purchased; and he shall make report of his action hereunder to the next session of Congress thereafter. Approved, March 2, 1887.