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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 411. 1389. 977 TRAVELING EXPENSES, Tnnruronv on ALASKA: For the actual and T¤iv<>11i¤z ¤¤x>¤¤¤¤¤. necessary expenses of the judge, marshal, and attorney when trav- ANU" eling in the ischarge of their official duties, one thousand dollars. RENT AND INCIDENTAL EXPENSES, OFFICE OF MARSHAL, TERRITORY R¤¤t,erc..A1¤sk¤. or ALASKA: For rent of offices for the marshal, district attorney, and commissioners; furniture, fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, five hundred dollars. OPINIONS or THE ATTORNEYS-GENERAL: To enable the Attorney- Opinions or Amr- General to employ a competent person to edit and prepare for pub- °`§;y$gj"°§§1,j vols 1; lication and superintend the printing of the nineteenth volume of 18· and El- i I r the Opinions 0 the Attorneys-General, five hundred dollars; and the Attorney-General is hereby authorized to expend that sum, and also the one thousand dollars appropriated b the act of March third, Vol- 25, 11511. eighteen hundred and eighty-five, chapter three hundred and sixty, to enable him to employ a competent person to edit and prepare for _ publication and superintend the printing of the seventeenth and Exmmmpeumtiun eighteenth volumes of the Opinions of the Attorneys—General in such manner, notwithstanding section Seventeen hundred and sixty- five of the Revised Statutes, or section three of the act of June B-S-,¤¤¤-1765,p.8l¤. twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, chapter three hun- v°1‘18’p‘1°°‘ dred and twenty-eight, as will in his judgment best accomplish the work of editing and preparing for ublication and superintending the printing of the three volumes oil) opinions above mentioned. JUDICIAL. r Jumcm. UNITED STATES COURTS. Ummstms mum EXPENSES or THE UNITED STATES comers: For defraying the mmm. expenses of the Supreme Court; of the circuit and district courts of the United States; of the su Jreme court of the District of Columbia; of the district court of Alaslka; of suits and preparation for suits in which the Unted States is interested; of the prosecution of offenses committed against the United States; of the safe-kee ing of prisoners; and in the enforcement of the laws of the United) States and of the enforcement of the provisions of title twenty-six of the Revised R.S·,Tit1•>XX\’I. Statutes. or any acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto; specifically the expenses stated under the following appropriations, S name y: For payment of the fees and expenses of United States marshals M¤¤¤¤i¤· and de nuties, six hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars: Pro- 1>mm¤. rirlml, lhat not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars of this A°°°““”‘ a propriation may be advanced to marshals, to be accounted for in tile usual way, the residue to remain in the Treasury, to be used, if at all, only in the payment of the accounts of marshals in the manner provided in section eight hundred and fifty-six, Revised Stat- R.s.,¤¤e.saes.p.1m. utes. · For payment of United States district attorneiys. the same being Dian-mmomsya for payment of the regular fees provided by law or official services, two hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars. For payment of district attorneys, the same being for payment of ispecial mmpemmsuch special compensation as may be fixed by the Attorney-General t °“‘ for services not covered by salary or fees. five thousand dollars. For payment of regular assistants to United States district attor- Regular assistants. neys, who are appointed by the Attorney-General at a fixed annual compensation, one hundred and five thousand dollars. For payment of assistants to United States district attorneys who spew assruama are employed by the Attorney-General to aid district attorneys in special cases, twenty thousan dollars. For fees of clerks, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. ¤\•=*=· STAT L——voL xxv——62