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XW LIST OF PUBLAO ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. Fruit brand . An act to provide for warehousing fruit brandy. October 18, 1888 .. . . . . . 560 Life-saving {tation, Atlantic coast. An not to establish a·l1fe-saving station on the Attelannc ' coast between Indian River Inlet, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland. Octo r , 560 1888 .. . . . ._ ... _ .,. . .._ _ .., Brightwood Railway Compang, D. C. An act to moorporate the Bnghtwood Ra1lwa.y Company 560 of the District of Co um ia. October 18, 1888 ... .Pctr0leum fuel. An act to amend section forty-four hundred and seventy-four of the Revi 564 Statutes of the United States. October 18, 1888 ... _ .. .. _ . Alfred Pleaamntvn. An act authorizing the President to appoint and retire Alfred Pleasonton, rm with the rank and grade of major. Oot0ber'l9, 1888 ... _ o Immediate transportation. An act to constitute Lmooln, Nebraska, a port_of delivery, to extend the provisions of the act of June tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, entitled An act to amend the statutes in relation to immediate transportation of dutiable goods, and . for other purposes" to the said port of Lincoln. October) 19, 18138d _. . H1 565 ckncies approprvd hbns. An act making ap priations supp y e mencies m _ e appro- Dm riations for the nscal year ending June thpirltieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, and ¥or prior years, and for other purposes. October 19, 1888. .• . _ . . . . 565 Cherokee frecdmen, etc. An not to secure to the Chereokee freedmen and others their proportion of certain proceeds of lands, under the act of March third, eighteen hundred and eighty- Rmh three. 19, . . . . . . 6. Bf.; 608 'to wa, 0 's,r. na granng ieng wayor econstru n

 throu mfg Hot Springs Reservation, State of Arkansas. October 19, 1888 .. 009

Journals, Senate and House. An act to fix the number of and Journals of the Senate and House of Representatives, and to. provide for their distribution. October 19, 610 1888 . . .. ... · ... Lands to Indians. _ An act authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to accept the surrender of _ and cancel land patents to Indians in certain cases. October 19, 1886 . _. . 611 Fort Wallace, Kam. An act to provide for the disposal of the Fort Wallace military reservation in Kansas. October 19, 1888 . _ . _ .. 1 . 6 12 Electoral vote. An act supplementary to the act approved February tlurd, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, entitled "An act to tix the day for the meeting of the electors of President and Vice-President. and to provide for and regulate the counting of the votes for Prgsgggnt and Vice—President, and the decision of questions arising thereon." October 613 19, 1 . . ht-house, Roc Island, Cal. An act for CSi3b1I8h1D-g a light-house and fog—signal on Roe Islug and, Snisun Bay, California. October 19, 1888 . ... 614 Lighthouse, New Jersey. An act for the erection of a lighthouse at or near a point about midway between Barnegat and Navesink lights, in the State of New Jersey. October 19, M 1888  ; ... . .. . 6 Hoghhmd Light, Va. An act to facilitate the triingpgrtation of life-saving and lighthouse supplies at Hog Island, Virginia. October 19, 1 . ... 614 Light~ ouse. Pam ico Point, N C'. An act for establishing a light off Pamlico Point, North Carolina. October 19, 1888. ... 614 Light-house, Gull Shoal. N C. An act for the establishment of a. lighthouse and fog-signal at or near Shoal, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina. October 19, 1888 .. 614 Chinese emclusnon expenses. An act making an appropriation for the enforcement of the Chinese exclusion act. October 19, 1888 ... 615 Mail-bag repair sholp. District of Columbia. An act to authorize the Postmaster—General to rent zi suitub e building m the city of Waslnngton to be used as a mail-bag repair shop, · and for other purposes. October 19, 1888 . . . . . .,.. 615 RESOLUTIONS. Congressional employees. Devepnber salaries. Joint resolution authorizing and directing the payment of the salaries of the officers and employees of Congress for the month of De— . cember eighteen hundred and eighty-seven. December 22, 1887 61.7 Melbmeruo Iutezrnational Eqrllilritiorz. lllelating to the invitation of the British Government to ` the Government of the United States to participate in the international exhibition at Melbonrne~to_celebra.te the founding of New South Wales. Februarv 1. 1888 . .l... 617 Andrew D. W’h1te. Joint resolution appointing Andrew D. White a niember of the Board oi Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. February 15, 1888 . . . . 617 Delaware Ri vcr, Philadelphia. Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to a pointla board of three engineers to examine and report in relation to the Delaware river between me eizsoisgéiimdelphm, Pennsylvania, and Camden, New Jersey. and for other purposes, 2 --.•..•.·..·.•.··.. .··. .·..·.·.». . . . ... . . Public dommwnfs. Joint resolution roviding for the dis sition of undistriouted ‘' Rebellion Records and other pgblic documents. Mapsch 10. 1888 ms of the 618 Storage reservoirs, arid region. Joint resolution directing the Secretary of the Interior of the Qxrector of the Geological Survey to investigate the `practicahility of constructing reservoirs for the storage of water in the arid region of the United States and to r rt t congress. March 20, 1888 . ‘ ... G PO 0 618n Hot Springs, Ark. Joint resolution to enable the Secrctary of the Interior to utilize water now running to waste on the permanent reservation at Hot Springs; Arkansas and for other purposes. March 26, 1888 . . 619-