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104 FIFTIETH CONGRESS. · Sess. I. Ch. 206. 1888. necessary expenses attending such disposition thereof, be Ipaid into the Treasury of the United States and be applied solelylas fo ows; Fu·st, to the reimbursement of the United_ tates for a necessaryactual expenditures contemplated and provided for under the provisions of this act, and the creation of the permanent fund herembefore pro- · vided; and after such reimbursement to the increase of said permanent fund for the urposes hereinbefore provided. §v‘;“,¤m°,,,',°g“0 Sec. 23. That all persons who, between the twenty-seventh day of ummm may ne February, eighteen undred and eighty-five, and the seventeenth day “‘*“`°'"“""*" of April, eigditeen hundred and eighty-five, in good faith, entered upon or made settlements with intent to enter the same under the homestead or pre-emption laws of the United States upon any part of the Great Sioux Reservatiomlrying east of the Missouri River, and known as the Crow Creek and innebago Reservation, which by the President’s roclamation of date Februarp, twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and) eightydive, was declared to e open to settlement, and Am, pun. not included in the new reservation established by section six of this act, and who, being otherwise legally entitled to make such entries, located or attem ted to locate thereon homestead, pre-emption, or town-site claims, by actual settlement and improvement of any portion of such lands, sha , for eaiperiod of ninety days after the proc amation of the President requir to be made by this act, have a right to reenter upon said claims and plrocure title thereto under the homestead or pre-emption laws of the nited States, and complete the same as required therein, and their said claim shall, for such time, have a preference over later entries; and when they shall have in other V respects shown themselves entitled and shall have complied with the law regulating such entries, and, as to homesteads, with the special provisions of this act, they shall be entitled to have said lands, and mmm. patents therefor shall be issued as in like cases: Provided, That pre- '°"*°“‘*’°“"'”°°*‘“’· emfption claimants shall reside on their lands the same length of time be ore procuring title as homestead claimants under this act. The rice to be paid for town-site entries shall be such as is required by Eaw oltlher cases, and shall be paid into the general fund provided or y this act. P¤··¤<1¤¤!n¢¤°!¤•t_¤: Sec. 24. That thisact shall take effect only upon the acceptance

 thereof and consent thereto by the different ban s of the Sioux Nation of Indians, in manner an form oprescribed bay the twelfth article

of the said treaty between the Unit States an said Indians, concluded April twentyninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, which said acceptance an consent shall be made known by proclamation thereof y the President of the United States, upon satisfactory proof presented to him that the same has been obtained in the manner and form required by said twelfth article of said treaty, which Time. proof shall be presented to him within one year from the passage of this act; and upon failure of such proof and proclamation this act becomes of no effect, and null and void. 9******- Sec. 25. That sections sixteen and thirty-six of each townshi of the la nds open to settlement under the provisions of this act, whether surveyed or unsurveyed, are hereby reserved for the use and benefit of the public schools as provided by the act organizing the Territo of Dakota, and whether surveyed or unsurveyed said sections shdh not be subject to claim, settlement, or entry under the provision of MM- this act or any of the land laws of the United States: Provided, how· Puynvmfor- erer, That the United States shall pay to said Indians, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of fifty cents per acre for all lands reserved under the provisions of this section. APP'°P'*'**~*°¤ Sec. 26. That there is hereby appropriated, out of an mone in the Treasury not otherwise gppropnated, the sum of eighteen thousand dollars, which sum sh be expended, under the direction of the Secrets? of the Interior, for procuring the assent of the Sioux Indians to this act provided in section twenty-four. Approved, April 30, 1888.