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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 860. 1888. 40l

idtlhplbor oftlGoose Point Channel to the port of Kingston and

or vmou- . Impppving hlagbpf at Provincetown, Massachusetts ; To complete, P¤>vi¤¢¤¤>-·¤.Mass. seven iousan dollars. Improving harbor at Scituate, Massachusetts: Continuing im- S°i'¤¤¤*•>·M¤SS- provement, five thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Gloucester, Massachusetts: Dredging Harbor G’°“°“S‘°'- MBS8- Cove and removing ledge and boulders obstructing the approach to Shel wharves between Harbor Cove and Pew `VVharf, ten thousand .0 ars. Improving harbor at Wareliam, Massachusetts: Continuing im- W°'°h°¤·M¤S¤- provement, four thousand dollars. d Ipiproving harbor at New Bedford, Massachusetts, ten thousand N°"'B°“f°'“»M““· 0 ars. Improving harbor at Hingham, Massachusetts: Continuing im- Hi¤gbam,m¤. provement, ive thousand dollars, a part of which may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be applied to straighten the channel from the wharf to the end of Ragged Island. thimprotyicpglharbor at Winthrop, Massachusetts : For dredging, one W‘““"°P· M”“· ousan dollars. . Improving harbor at Hyannis, Massachusetts: Continuing im- HV*’·"”lS·M”S· provement, ten thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Vine ard Haven, Massachusetts: For protec- Mggyymd H¤v¤¤· tfoG of Chops at the mouth of the harbor, twenty-ve thousand ' o ars. d Iinproving harbor at Wellfleet, Massachusetts, seven thousand W°““°""#M“s· 0 ars. Improving national harbor of refuge at Sand Bay, Ca e Ann, Sandy B¤Y·M¤S¤· glzipsachusettsz Continuing improvement, one hundred thousand 0 ars. Improvigg harbor at Manchester, Massachusetts, two thousand M‘“""“°s‘"~M““· five hundredollars. Improving harbor at Block Island, Rhode Island: Continuing im- 3*** m¤*•’·R·I- provement, fifteen thousand dollars; of which sum six thousand ollars are for inner harbor, four thousand dollars for breakwater, gud nve thousand dollars for removing sand bar at entrance of haror. Improving harbor at Newport, Rhode Island: Continuing improve- N°WP°**· R- I- ment, twelve thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Bridgeport, Connecticut: Continuing im- B’***¤*P°¤·0<>¤¤· provement, ten thousand dollars; and the Secretary of War is authorized to expend such portion of said sum as he may deem advisable above the bridges across the stream emptying into said harbor. Improving harbor at Black Rock, Connecticut: Continuing im- n1¤¤k1z¤¤k,c¤¤¤. provement, ten thousand dollars. Improving breakwater at New Haven, Connecticut; Continuing New H¤ve¤.C‘¤¤¤. improvement, seventy-five thousand dollars: and the Chief of Engineers may, if deemed necessar *, relocate the western breakwater; and the Secretary of War is authorized, in his discretion, to expend an portion of said sum in commencing its construction. _ Iymproving harbor at New Haven, onnecticutz Continuing improvement. fifteen thousand dollars. _ Improving harbor at Norwalk, Connecticut: Continuing mrprove- Norwalk, com ment, twenty-eight thousand dollars; twenty-five thousand ollars of which shall be expended in dredgng and deepening the channel in the lower harbor up to Wilson’s oint. _ _ _ I Improving harbor at Stonington. Connecticut, eight thousand dol- S‘°““’€‘°”· C°“”· ars. Improving harbor at Stamford, Connecticut : Continuing improve- S*°¤*f°¤*·C°¤¤· ment, five thousand dollars. _ _ F. ml R, d Ipiproving harbor at Five Mile River, Connecticut, five thousand ccf ° "°'i o ars. sriyr L-—VOL xxv—2G