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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 871, 872. 1888. 439 CHAP. 871.-——An act to protect purchasers of lands lying in the vicinity of Den- August 13.1**9 ver, Colorado, heretofore withdrawn by the Executive Department of the Govern- (1 ment as lying within the limits of certain railroad grants, and afterward held to lie without such limits Be xt ermcferl by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Anzerica in Congress assembled, That as to all lands §blf1€"“‘lS· lying in the vicinity of Denver, in the State of Colorado, heretofore trommidiigztii lliggl withdrawn by the Executive Department of the Government for the E§§,Y,Z{€§§“{Q€i§`§°r M use or benetit of the Union Pacific Railway Company, eastern division, l and the Denver Pacino Railway a11d Telegraph Company, or their or either of their successors, under the construction heretofore, placed by the Executive Department of the Government upon the act of Congress entitled "An act to authorize the transfer of lands granted V°l·15·P·**24· to the Union Pacific Railway Company, eastern division, between Denver and the point of its connection with the Union Pacific Railroad, to the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company, and to expedite the completion of railroads to Denver, in the Territory of Co orado," approved March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, construing the grant in said act mentioned to be one continuous grant west of Fort Riley, in Kansas, through Denver, Colorado, to Chey- enne, Wyoming Territory, and which lands have been sold by said companies, or either of them, or their or either of their successors prior to December ninth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, to citizens of the United States, or to persons who have declared their intention to become such citizens, the holder of the title under such purchase from the railroad company, unless he be a director or other officer of the Union Paciiic Railway Company, may, upon making proof of such purchase at the proper and office, and the further proof of the time of his or, if he claim by inheritance, his ancestor’s purchase, that he or his ancestor relied in good faith u on the validity of the title of such railroad companies, and that sudli purchase was made for a valuable consideration, enter and pa for said lands at the ordinary Government price for like lands, anmfr patents shall issue therefor to the holder of such title and inure to the benefit of the original purchaser and all claiming under him: Provided, That ggvwsos M t nothing herein shall be held to dispossess or determine the rights of v°”°° "”“ S". parties who may hold adversely to each other under purchase from the railroad company : And provided further, That a mortgage or M°¤€¤€¤S· pledge to secure the payment of money shall not be considere a purchase under the provisions of this act. Approved, August 13, 1888. CHAP. 872.-An act to authorize the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company Avzust 13. 1**88. to extend a side tl-ack imo square number ten hundred and twenty-fivc, in the city _"!`" m`" ""`"“ of \Vashington. Be it en,ur·fe¢l by Hoe Senate and House of Represenfafires of flee _ Unéierl Sz‘ates of America in Congress assembled, That the Baltimore mgjltgggijgggd 153:3; and Potomac Railroad Company is hereby granted permission to ex- pany may lay `trnek tend a side track from the main line of its track, in the city of Wash- }f*,g{§§,f‘§‘{‘}}_°”’· “‘°”‘ ington, into sc uare number ten hundred and twenty-five, between Tvvelfth and Tiliirteentli streets and M and N streets southeast, under such conditions and regulations as may be imposed by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia for the protection of the public in the use of streets affected and otherwise. Sec. 2. The right of Congress to amend. alter or repeal the fran- Amendment. chises herein granted are hereby expressly reserved. Approved, August 13, 1866.