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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 991. 1868. 459 abroad. 111 maintenance of students and attaches, and information from abroad. and the collection and classiiication thereof. and other necessary incidental expenses; in all, two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. CoNTINuENI*, NAVY; For all emergencies and extraordinary ex- contingent. penses arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, exclusive of personal services in the Navy Department or any of its subordinate Bureaus or offices, at Washington, District of Columbia, seven thousand dollars. BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. tiglureau of Naviga- NAVIGATION AND SUPPLIES: For foreign and local pilotage and ,;lXP€¤S•=S Md Surtowage of ships of war; services and materials in correcting com- P BS` passes on board ship, and for adjusting and testing coinpasses on Sl101'B; nautical and astronomical instruments; nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing directions, and repairs of nautical instruments for ships of war; books for libraries of ships of war; and professional papers, naval signals, and apparatus, namely, signal-lights, lanterns, rockets, running lights, drawings and engravings for signal-books; compasshttings, including binnacles, tripods, and other appendages of s ip`s compasses; logs and other appliances for measuring the ships way, and leads and other appliances for sounding; lanterns an lamps, and their ap endages, for general use on board shi , including those for the cabin, wardroom, and steerage, for the liolds and spirit-room, for decks and quartermaster’s use; bunting and other materials for Bags, and making and repairing Bags of all kinds; oil for ship of war; other than that used in the engineer department; candles, when used as a substitute for oil in binnacles and runninglights, chimneys and wicks, and soap used in the navigation department; photographic instruments and materials stationery for commanders and navigators of vessels of war; and for use of courtsmartial; musical instruments and music for vessels of war; steerin signals and indicators, and speaking—tubes and gongs, for signad communications on board vessels of war; and for introducing and maintaining electric lights on board vessels of war; in all, ninety thousand dollars. 4 OCEAN sunvnvsz For special ocean surveys, and the publication 0°*>¤¤ S¤"*YS- thereof, five thousand dollars. PUBLICATION or Suxvnvs or MIEXICAN COAST! For preparing and ve¥;¥g>¤°¤¤ °¤¤-St SM- engraving on copper—plates the surveys of Mexican coast, five thou- ` sand dollars. TRAINING STATION, COASTERS, HARBoR IsLAN1>, Rnonn IsLANn; m$§*g*;*j!§g,g'j°fIS*· _ _ . . . . ., xgsta- For repairs and improvements on buildings at Coasters’ Harbor Island; mm. heating, lighting, and furniture for same; books and stationery; freight and other contingent expenses; purchase of feed and maintenance of horses and mail-wagons, and attendance on same; and to enable the naval war college to be conducted at said Island up to January first, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, ten thousand dollars: Provirlwl, That the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to P*<>¢‘i5<>· consolidate and place under one command the torpedo station and the ¤·>¤$<>¤<l¤¤¤<>¤· naval war college at Newport. Rhode Island after said date. CUNTINGENT, BUREAU OF NAVIGATION: For contingent expenses €’<>¤*i¤S•*¤*· of the Bureau of Navigation, namely: For freight and transportation of navigation materials; postage ani telegraphing 011 public business; pavkirig-l»oxe—s and materials; furniture. stationery, and fuel for navigation offices at navy-yards; and all other contingent expenses, Bve thousand dollars. _ _ _ Oivii. Es·rAm,isn:.1r·:Nr. BUREAU or NAv1oAr1oN; Navy-yard, ,,gg},lO*;$,{¤¤¤¤¤m¤¤¤ Ne .v York: For one clerk./at one thousand four hundred dollars; one' writer, at one thousand dollars; one store—keeper, at nine hundred dollars; one master of tugs, at one thousand five hundred dollars;