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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I. CHS. 100], 1006, 1007. 1888. 475 hereby. amended by striking out the words " stockholder or" wherever they occur in said section, so as to make said section read as follows: ‘·Sec. 11. That whereas a principal reason for giving authoritv to P<>e>1i¤s of ¤¤¤‘¤i¤zS build the bridge herein contem lated is to secure reasonable rates f°rb"m°°` and tolls for corporations and individuals for passing over the same, the Saint Louis Merchants’ Bridge Company. or its successors or assigns, shall not agree or consent to the consolidation of this bridge company with any other bridge compan across the Mississippi River, or to the pooling of the earnings of tliis brid e companv with the earnings of any other bridge company on san? river, nor shall any No pm-am to be ai. person who is or may be a director or manager of any other bridge l,°g$l,°`Q,‘{§`g'§§‘?"“g°' °‘ over said river be a director or manager of the bridge herein prov1ded tor:_ Provulerl, That if this provision of this act shall at an {.,’!‘°,*£°· wt rf. time be violated in any of these particulars, such violation shall: D ml ° m' without legal proceeding, at once forfeit the privilege hereby granted, and said bridge shall become the property of the United States, and the Secretary of War shall take possession of the same in the name . and for the use of the United States. " Sec. The right to amend or repeal this act is hereby expressly A¤¤¢¤¤¤¤<=¤*· reserve . Approved, September 10, 1888. CHAP. 1006.-An act empowering and directing the Commissioner of Navigation September 11. isss. to register and enroll as American vessels certain sailing vessels of foreign con- ‘v‘”_"_’“‘ struction, repaired in the port of Cleveland, Ohio and named the Josephme and M. C. Upper, respectively. ‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House og Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem Zed, That the Commis— _,0“§,;,,,f’,;,f*’1’°’ ““" sioner of Navigation be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered American mgimm to cause to be enrolled and registered as American vessels the sail- t°‘ ing vessels known as the M. C. Up 1* and Josephine, respectively, of foreign construction, but repaired0in the port of Cleveland, Ohio, in accordance with the application for registration thereof, now on file in the office of said Commissioner. Approved, September 11, 1888. CHAP. 100'l.—An act to provide for an American register for the steamer Sagi- September 11. 18*% naw, of New York. "'U Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That the Commis- ggggczhmmum sioner of Navigation is hereby authorized and directed to cause the foreign-built steamer Benison, owned at the port of New York, State of New York, by W. P. Clyde, an American citizen, and rebuilt by him in the United States, to be registered as a vessel of the United States under the name of Saginaw. _ Sec. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and hereby is, au- Inspectionthorizcd and directed to authorize and direct the inspection of said steam-vessel, steam-boiler, steam-pipes, and the appurtenances of said boiler, and cause to be granted the proper and usual certificate issued to stearmvessels of the merchant marine, without reference to the fact that said steam-boiler, steam-pipes, and appurtenances were 11ot constructed pursuant to the laws of the United States, and were not constructed of iron stamped pursuant to said laws: and the tests to be applied on the inspection of said boiler, steam-pipes, and appurtenances will be the same in all respects as to strength and safety as are required in the inspection of boilers constructed in the United