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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. V11 Pa, . Right of way, Coeur d’Ale1ue Reservation. An act granting to the Washington and Idaho Rail- ge

 Company the right of way through the Coeur d’A1ene Indian Reservation. May 30,

.. 160 Right of way, Indian Territory. An act to grant to the Fort Smith and El Paso Railway Compan a right of way through the Indian Territory, and for other purposes. May 30, 1888. 162 General, S. Army. An act to revive the grade of General in the United States Army. June 1, 1 88 .. . .. . . 165 Chicago custom-house employees. An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay cer-

 citizens of Chicago, employees of the custom—h0use, for extra time service. June 4,
. . 165

Timber deplredutions. An a.ct·t0 amend section fifty-three hundred and eighty-eight of the Revised Statutes of the United States, in relation to timber depredations. June 4, 1888 166 Immediate transportation, Grand Rapids, Mich. An act to establish a port of delivery at Grand Rapids, Michigan. June 4, 1888 ... 166 National cemetery, San Francisco, Cal. An act authorizing the construction and repair of the roads from the entrance to the reservation of the Presidio, at San Francisco, California, to the national cemetery on the same, and the fencing and protection of the said reservation and the cemetery thereon. June 4, 1888 .. . 167 Indian Territory, process in. An act to authorize United States marshals to arrest offenders and fugitives from 'ustice in Indian Territory. June 4, 1888 ... . . . . . . . .. 167 Right of way, Crow Igeservation. An act granting to the Billings, Cl3l‘k’S Fork and Cooke City Railroad Conzany the right of way through the Crow Indian Reservation. June 4, 1888. 167 Right of way, Lac Flambeau Reservafion. An act granting to the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway Comtpany the right of way through the Lao de Flambeau Indian Reservation. in the State 0 Wisconsin. June 4, 1888 . . . . . . ... 169 Public building, Vicksburg, Miss. An act to provide u. building for the use of the United States courts, post-oliice, custom-office, and internal-revenue ofhoe at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Jtme 6, 1888 ... ; . . .. . . . ... · ... 1 69 Fart Leavenworth Reservation, Kam:. A.n act to authorize the sale of a tract of land in the military reservation at Fort Leavenworth, in the State of Kansas. June 6, 1888 .. z . . 170 Bridges, Cape Fear, Black, and Northeast Rivers. An act authorizing the construction of bridges across the Cape Fear River, Black River, and the Northeast River, in the State of North Carolina. June 6, 1888 .. . . . . .  : . . . 171 Bridges, Kentucky River. An act to authorize the construction of bridges across the Kentucky River and its tributaries, by the Louisville, Cincinnati and Virginia Railway Company. June 6, 1888 ... . . . 172 Public building, Atlanta, Ga. An act to enlarge, improve, and make repairs upon the United States court-house and post-office building in Atlanta, Georgia, and to appropriate money Pc therefor. June 6, 1882 .. .. . 173 - nsions appropriations. n act ma 'ng a pro riations or the payment 0 inva i an other pensions of the United States for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eightymine, and for other purposes. June 7, 1888 .. . ... 178 Publi): building, Tallahassee, Fla. An act for the erection of a public building at Tallahassee, Florida. June 7, 1888 . 174 Public building, Sacramento, Cul. An act to increase the aggropriation for the erection of the public building at Sacramento, California. June 7, 1 175 Public building, Paterson, N J. An act for the erection of a public building in Paterson, New Jersey. June 7, 1888 . . 175 Agricultural ezjoerimental stations. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to establish agricultural stations in connection with the colleges established in the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto." June 7, 1888 . 176 Deficiency appropriations, custmns, etc. An act making appropriations to supply a. deficiency in the eppxropdation for expenses of collecting the revenue from customs for the iiscal §ear en 1g8g une thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, and for other purposes. une 8, .. . _ 176 Broad Creek, Del. An act to authorize the removal of an obstruction to the navigation of Broad Creek, in the State of Delaware. June 8, 1888 . . 177 Indian Territmjy, crimes in. An act for the protection of the officials of the United States in the Indian Territony June 9, 1888 .. . .. 178 Bridge across Arthur KU . An act to extend the time for the completion of a bridge across Staten Island Sound. June 9, 1888 . .. . 178 Bridge, Tennessee River. An act to authorize the construction of a. bridge across the Tennessee River at or near Chattanooga, Tennessee. June 9. 1888 ... . 179 Bridge, Tennessee River. An act authorizing the construction of a bridge over the Tennessee River at or near Guntersville, Alabama, and for other purposes. June 9, 1888 . .. 180 Labor d(gTtm87It. An act to establish a department of labor. June 13 1888 . 182 . Bn7d9e, fcau River. An act to authorize the Fort Smith and Choctaw Bridge Company to construct a bridge across the Poteau River, in thm Choctaw Nation, near Fort Smith, Arkansas. June 18, 1888 .. 184 Inauguration Day. An act to amend section nine hundred and ninety-three of the Revised StatutescftheUnitedStatesfom· the District of Columbiznso as to make Inauguration . Day a holiday within said June 18, 1888 .. 185 .PlbHeJbaz1•fimé.?l8om-oe, La. Axuctfortheerectiouof apublicbuildhng at Monroe, louisiana. I ·· une , . ... . . . . .. ~ H