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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1210. 1888. 57 1 used by the District Government for fire-alarm, two thousand nine hundred and fifty-one dollars and seventy-cents. POLICE COURT: For stationery, fuel, ice, gas, and witness fees, Polioo court ninety-three dollars and thirty-nine cents. PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The Commissioners are hereby authorized to Public schools. pay to the principal of the normal school of the seventh and eighth ¤ci;5$F°“°°“l ”°"m“1 divisions, five hundred dollars, out of the unexpended balance of the appropriation for salaries of teachers for the nscal year endin June t irtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, in order to malre the salary of said principal one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. For repairs and improvements to school buildings and grounds; Misceuaueous. For lumber, cement, paint, and glass, one hundred and thirty- seven dollars and fifty-one cents. For stationery, printing, ice, gas, and supplies, four hundred and ninety-four dollars and eighty-four cents. For industrial instruction, namel , for lumber, hardware, and dry goods, three hundred and thirteen dollars and fourteen cents Mrscnnnnnnous Exrsnsus; For advertising special tax list, one nsscemmus u- thousand eight hundred dollars. *’°“““· For printing checks, damages, forage, care of horses, horseshoeing, fuel, ice, gas, and repairs, one thousand two hundred and eighty- seven dollars and seventy cents. Fon PAYMENT or Junemunrsz For the payment of judgments Payment or meagainst the District of Columbia as follows: “‘°“°”‘ Samuel C. Mills, four hundred and ten dollars, together with eight een dollars and seventy cents costs; Henry Green, by Jo n Jackson, seven hundred and fifty dollars, to§ether with thirty-two dollars and seventy cents costs; dward Coleman, nine hundred and fifty dollars, together with ninety-seven dollars and forty-five cents costs; District of Columbia versus Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Compapry (two cases), fifty-one dollars and twenty-ive cents costs; irginia L. Cartwright, one thousand five hundred dollars, together with seventy-one dollars a11d seventy cents costs; Enoch Ridgeway, five hundred dollars, together with one hundred and twentv-two dollars and fifty cents costs; R. S. Thomas, three hundred and seventy-five dollars, together with sixteen dollars and twenty-five cents costs ; William C. McGill (balance), one hundred and sixty-three dollars and fifteen cents; Raleigh Sherman, three hundred and seventy-eight dollars and ninety-six cents, together with nineteen dollars and ten cents costs ; Mary L. Paschal, twenty-eight dollars and thirty cents costs; Abraham Kaufman, eig t hundred dollars, together with twenty- seven dollars and sixty cents costs; . Henry Ruppert, four hundred dollars, together with forty-three dollars and seventy cents costs; James Stewart, fifty dollars, together with three dollars and twenty cents costs; Louisa Hilton and Mary Hilton, seven hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents together with ninety dollars and forty cents costs; Margaret and Catharine Harrigan, five hundred dollars, together with forty-six dollars and fifty cents costs; Annie Clarkson, one thousand dollars. together with thirty-six dollars and fifty cents costs; in all, nine thousand two hundred and forty-tive dollars and forty-six cents, torgether with a further sum sufficient to pay the interest on said ju gments from the date the same became due until the day of right of appeal shall have expired. SALE or Bonus: To supply the deticiency in the amount realized Sm of l><>¤<i¤ from the sale of bonds in which the ten per centum retained from contractors was invested, one thousand five hundred dollars.