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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1:210. 1888. 575 hundred and eighty-six, under the same rules and inspections as the work on said river had been conducted by the United States engineer officers in charge, two thousand six hundred and six dollars and eighty cents. QUARTERMAsTER’s DEPARTMENT. Quang:-mastar~ane partment. For payment on account of Army transportation, eighteen hun- T¤=·¤¤P<>¤¤*i<>¤- dred and eighty-two and prior years, as certified to Congress as due, by the accounting officers of the Treasury, in House Executive Document Number Nineteen, Fiftieth Congress, first session, namely: To the Hoboken Land Improvement Company of New Jersey, fifteen Hoboken Land Imthousand eight hundred dollars. *’“"""“"“” C°"‘P“”Y· That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury Department Pumhaso of horses are hereby authorized and directed to credit and allow to Lieutenant- f" °h° D°p“"""””` Colonel R. N. Batchelder, deput quartermaster-general, the voucher for eight hundred and fifty dollars for horses purchased for the use of the War Department on May fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-five, and the voucher for five hundred dollars for a similar purchase made March twenty-second, eighteen hundred and eighty- six, and to charge the same, respectively, to the appropriations for contingencies of the Arm for the years eighteen hundred and eighty- five and eighteen hundred and eighty-six. RENT, AND so FORTH, CITADEL ACADEMY, SOUTH CAROLINA: To cmmai Academy, pay the amount reported as due by the Secretary of War in pur- °h1.€§,’,l§’§Q,‘Q,‘;’(€g§Qnt_ suance of the joint resolution approved August fourteenth, eighteen PM, p- fw hundred and eighty-eight, to the State of South Carolina for rent of the Citadel Academy at Charleston, South Carolina, from August twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, to February second, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, including the sum equitably due to the said State for the iss by fire of the west wing of said building while in the occupation of the United States, seventy-seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars: Provided, That this sum shall proviso. _ be accepted in full payment of all claims for rent, Wear and tear, and {UT]? be “°°"P”d ‘“ injury to the property by fire, or from any other cause whatever due to the said occupancy by the United States. Exrnxsrox or h/[ILITARY Rnsnnvarion AT Four THORNBURGH. rmt rramaapgh, UTAH: For payment for private property taken b the Government U§'§‘,l‘g€,,Sm of ,,.,S€,_ in extension of the military reservation at Fort Thornburgh, Utah; v¤¤¤¤- under the order of the commander of the post, of April fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and the President’s order of May durteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, being the amount awarded by a board of officers June tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, as per their report approved by the War Department, three thousand four hundred and thirty-seven dollars. Reimbursement to certain States and Territories for expenses in- d§“*’°S “°" T"“`“° curred in repelling invasions and suppressing Indian hostilities, act Romaam. June twent seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, eleven thou- VOL 2% P· m- sand seven hundred and twenty-three dollars and sixty-four cents. NAVY DEPARTMENT. Navy Department. C¢>N'I`INGENT Exrmxsizs, NAVY DEPARTMENT; To pay to John \Van- caauagmexpaases. aniaker for stationery furnished the Navy Department and offices for the fiscal *ear eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, two hundred and nineteen dhllars and fifty-eight cents. To reimburse the appro riations “Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, omaaaoaom. Bureau of Ordnance, eighteen hundred and eighty-six,"thirty-six dollars, and “Contingent. Bureau of Ordnance, eighteen hundred fo&p£l¤¤2o¤r. Bureau and eightv-six," three dollars, for amounts erroneously paid there- ° ”°°` from; in all, thirty-nine dollars.