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696 rirrinrn concnnss. Sess. II. 0HS. 241, as 1889. Feb:-u¤.ry 25, 1889. CHAP. 241.-An act granting to the Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Rail- "‘_`;“ way Company the right of way through the White Earth Indian Reservation in the State of Minnesota. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 8 ggmmgiyg United States of Ame11;ica1i1rt{Oongres.i assergbltgd, Thlat tliepe is hepeby 1 WD ranted to the Saint au , inneapo is an ani 0 a ai way om- §?§•i"fgz‘?§'§‘,;]";E',Qi gany, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the

 Reservation, State pf_tMin1ieso?hand im talssi%%_;l1e]£*1ggit pfdwaylfor thetexten-

· 1 r n ian eserva ion in “'i‘”·h· 233 Stat; mS1i€l:i riglitndf wa; shall ble sgventy-five feet in width on' each side of the central line of said railroad, and said company shall also have the the right to take from the lands adjacent to the line of said road material, stones, a11d earth necessary for the construction S¤¤·¢i<>¤¤, ew- of said railroad; also grounds adjacent to such right of way for station buidings, depots, machine-shops, side-trac s, turn-outs, and ’ water-stations, not to exceed in amount three hundred feet iniwidth and three thousand feet in length for each station, to the extent of two stations within the limits of said reservation. €<>¤¤v*=¤¤¤¤¤¤· Sec. 2. That before said railroad shall be constructed through any land, claim, or improvement held by individual occupants, according to any treaties or laws of the United States, compensation shall be made to such occupant or claimant for all fproperty to be taken or- · damage done by reason of the construction o sa1d railroad. ln case of fai ure to make satisfactory settlement with any such claimant, the just compensation shall be determined asprovided for by the laws of Minnesota enacted for the settlement of 11 e controversies in such _p8Qv¤é¤={·h£&w 0***** casl. The hamounlt of damagebresulting tp lthe Chjppetwa trifbe of Inc ians, int eir tri a capacity, reason 0 the cons ruc ion o sai railroad through such lands of the reservation as are not occupied in severalty, shall be ascertained and determined in such manner as the Secretary of the Interior may direct and be subject to his nnal Secretaryof the iu- approval; but no right of any kind shall vest in said railway com- §§’,}Q‘,‘f‘Q,”,‘},_“”P'°'°’°°°' piracy or tc; any (part of the fright of wayfhepplin fo; until pas ereo , ma e u n acua survey or e e me oca iono such railroad, and inclliitling grounds for station buildings, depots, machineshops, side-tracks, turn-outs and water-stations shall have been approved by the Secretary of the Interior, and until the compensation aforesaid shall have been fixed and paid, and the consent of the Indians on said reservation to the provisions of this act shall have been first obtained in a manner satisfactory to the President of _ Survey- thelllnited Sgatesi: Said company is hereby authoigzpd to enter upon suc reserva ion or the pur se o surveying an ocating its ine of railroad, (provided that said) railroad shall be located, constructed, and operate with due regard to the rights of the Indians, and under such rilgles and regulations as the Secretary of the Interi0r shall prescribe. Approved, February 25, 1889. Fj§‘ff"j_¥· 18* CHAP. 278.--Au act makingappro riations for the di lomatic and consular “” sleriglice of the gnited States for the iiscallyear ending June thirtieth, eighteen hun- 8.]] l11I1E . ' _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the SufQ’;g",},§§,;°,*;,‘;,‘§{,’,?,j United Stateis { America in Congress assembled, That the following MiG11S- sums e, an they are ereb several] a rated in full com — sation for the diplomatic an}d’consularysei·)ir)i‘<;)ei)ol the fiscal year gilding June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely: -