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808 FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 370. 1889. thousand dollars; in all eighteen thousand three hundred and thirty- six dollars. _ _ _ _ Engineers, em. For engineers and firemen, fuel, material for high service; in Washington and Georgetown, pipe distribution to high and low service, including public hydrants, fire—plugs, material and labor, repairing and laying new mains, and lowering mains, eighty-six thousand dollars. Interest. For interest and sinking fund on water-stock bonds, forty-four thousand six hundred and ten dollars. _ For interest on account of increasing the water—supply, as provided in the act of July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, thirty- V¤1·22.1>·170- three thousand three hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-one cents. sinking fimd. For sinking fund on account of increase of water—suppliy, under act of July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, ii ty-three thousand and fifteen dollars and seventy-three cents. Limit or requisitions. Sec. 2. That said Commissioners shall not make recéuisitions upon the appropriations from the Treasury of the Unite States for a larger amount during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety than they make on the appropriations arising from the revenues, in- _ cluding drawback certificates, of said District. Deposit of money Sec. 3. That hereafter all moneys received from the sales of ani- °`°"' **1* mals or material of any sort, purchased under appropriations made for the District of Columbia since July first, eig teen hundred and seventy-eight, other than for the water department, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States, to the credit of the United States and the District in equal parts; and all balances of appropriations that have been heretofore or that shall be hereafter made for Bm the District of Columbia under section three of the act of June v¤1.ii0°?i5.1c4. eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, entitled "An act pro- . viding a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia," heretofore or hereafter remaining unexpended at the end of two years from the close of the fiscal year for which such appropriations have been or shall be made, shall be covered into the Treas- ` ury, one—half to the credit of the surplus fund and one-half to the credit of the general fund of the District of Columbia. zqningicai park as Sec. -1. For the establishment of a zoological park in the District °‘*m‘sh°d‘ of Columbia, two hundred thousand dollars, to be expended under and in accordance with the rovisions followin , that is to say: That in order to establidh a zoological park in the District of Columbia, for the advancement of science and the instruction and C0,,,,,.;,s,0,,_ recreation of the people, a commission shall be constituted, composed of three persons, namely: The Secretary of the Interior, the president of the board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, which shall be known and designated as the commission for the establishment of a zoological park. sae6m,,, Ogsm That the said commission is hereby authorized and directed to make an inspection of the country along Rock Creek. between Massachusetts avenue extended and where said creek is crossed by the road leading west from Brightwood crosses said creek, and to select from that district of countr such a tract of land, of not less than one hundred acres. which shall include a section of the creek, as said commission shall deem to be suitable and appropriate for a zoological park. . mp. That the said commission shall cause to be made a careful map of said zoological park, showing the location, quantity", and character of each parcel of private property to be taken for such purpose. with the names of the respective owners inscribed thereon, and the said 0,, t,,,,,, kmdmbe map shall be filed and recorded in the public records of the District •=¤¤<1¤¤¤¤¢¤- of Columbia; and from and after that date the several tracts and parcels of land embraced in such zoological park shall be held as