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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 393. 1889. 873 CHAP. 393.-An act to punish dealers and pretended dealers in counterfeit March 2, 1889. money and other fraudulent devices for using the United States mails. "w—····‘w·· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Anzerica in Congress assembled, “That section fifty- Postal wwwfour hundred and eighty of the Revised Statutes be, and the same is hereby, so amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 5480. If any éuerson having devised or intending to devise using mails with m- any scheme or arti ce to defraud, or to sell, dispose of, loan, ex- “°”"° d°f""*“d· change, alter, give away, or distribute, supply, or furnish, or procure for unlawful use any counterfeit or spurious coin, bank notes, R. s., me mso, p. paper money, or any obligation or security of the United States or 1°°3"““°“°°d‘ of any State, Territory, municipality, company, corporation, or person, or anything represented to be or intimated or held out to be such counterfeit or s urious articles, or any scheme or artiiice to ob- M¤?1i¤e1¤¢¢¤r¤-ew-» tain money by or th)rough_correspondence, by what is commonly $3-T;§i"§€,,§Y,a°§€lLtZ?“` called the " sawdust swindle", or " counterfeit money fraud ", or by dealing or pretending to deal in what is commonly called " green articles," " een coin, ’ "bills", "paper goods," "sp•urious Treasury notes," "U.nited States goods", " green cigars ", or any other names or terms intended to be understood as relating to such counterfeit orspurious articles, to be effected by either opening or intending to open corres ondence or communciation ·with any personywhether resident within or outside the United States, by means of the Post- Olhce Establishment of the United States, or by inciting such other person or any person to open communication with the person so devising or intending, shall, in and for executing such sc eme or artifice or attempting so to do, place or cause to be placed, any letter, packet, writing, circular, pamphlet, or advertisement in anylpostoffice, branch post-oflice, or street or hotel letter-box of the. nited States, to be sent or delivered by the said post-office establishment, or shall take or receive any such therefrom, such person so misusing the post-office establishment shall, upon conviction, be punishable Punishment by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars and by imprisonment for not more than eighteen months, or by both such punishments, at the discretion of the court. The indictment, information, or complaint may severally charge offenses to the number of three when committed within the same six calendar months; but the court thereupon shall give a single sentence, and shall pwroportion the punishment especially to the degree in whicl1_the a use of the post-office establishment enters as an instrument into such fraudulent scheme and device. " Sec. 2, That any person who, in and for conducting, promoting. or Punishment forcarrying on, in any manner by means of the Post-Oiiice Estab ish- {f,“;'“};",§‘;}{],g_’f,j"},',§‘j ment of the United States, any scheme O1' device mentioned in the dressecc. preceding section, or any other unlawful business whatsoever, shall use or assume or request to be addressed by any fictitious, false. or assumed title, name, or address, or name other t an his own roper name, or shall take or receive from any dpostofiice of the United States any letter, postahcard, or packet ad ressed to any such iictitions, false, or assumed title. name. or address. or name other than his own lawful and proper name, glialll. uppn conviction, be punishable as »rovi<l4·•l in t ie first section 0 IS ac . i Sno, :s, That the Postmastcr—General may. upon evidence satisfac- m-summon may tory to him, that any person is using any iictiti0us,°false. or assumed '°° “"¤“““d· name, title, or address in conducting. promoting, or carrying on, or assisting therein, by means of the Post-Oiiice Establishment of the United States, any business scheme or device in violation of the }pro— visions of this act. instruct any postmaster at any post-office at w ich such letters, cards, or packets, addressed to such fictitious, false. or assumed name or address arrive to notify the party claiming or receiving such letters, cards, or packets to appear at the post-office and