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916 FIFTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. II. Ch. 410. 1889. sigma mmm. SIGNAL SERVICE. Begum Supplies- SIGNAL SERVICE, REGULAR SUPPLIES! For reimbursement of gullimbummeut M amounts paid for fuel by the following-named officers of the Signal Corps, United States Armv, during the Hscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, covering the excess " over three dollars per cord for the regulation allowance: Lieutenant W. D. Wright, ten dollars and thirty-eight cents; Lieutenant J. E. Manxeld, eight dollars and twenty-eight cents; Lieutenant F. M. M. Beall, twenty-one dollars and fifty-two cents; Lieutenant B. M. Purssell, thirty-three dollars and thirty-three cents; Lieutenant J. P. Finle , twenty-eight dollars and forty-seven cents; Lieutenant J. H. Vgeber, seventeen dollars and thirty-one cents; Lieutenant J. C. Walshe, forty-seven dollars and twenty-five cents; Lieutenant F. Greene, twenty-four dollars and sixty-six cents; in all, one hundred and ninety-one dollars and twenty-cents. mem- ARsENAL=. ggglgekgéggm Rook ISLAND BRIDGE, Rock ISLAND, ILLINOIS: For expense of maintaining and operating the draw, two thousand five hun red and fifty dollars. ‘ MiS°°“¤¤°°“S· WAR, MISCELLANEOUS. gigiteg MILITARY POSTS: For construction and enlargement of buildings M ’at the following named military posts: Atlanta, Georgia: For contlimping the construction of the post buildings, seventy-five thousand o ars. ‘ F°" s”°“’“g· °"““· Fort Snelling: For completion of two sets of barracks for enlisted i men, fifteen thousand dollars. _ ` K;S°"P°'” B“’”*°”· Newport Barracks, Kentucky: For completion of the construction ` of buil ings at this post, fifty thousand dollars. Fort Sid¤¤v»N¤br- Fort Sidney, Nebraska: For repairs of buildings at Fort Sidney, _m Nelbraskabfifteen tgousanphdollars. f t 1 tb d f h d d M*$°““ '*"· o reim urse an pa e sum o we ve thousand our un re wgtleieiliiigmgligiéli tgt and twelve dollars to eabh of the following named companies, to—wit: “"""`°p* M°‘ The Chicago and Atchison Bridge Com any, the Kansas City, Saint Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad Cllompany, the Hannibal and Saint Joseph Railroad Compan , the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company, for moneys expended by said companies in the construction of works at Wi11throp, Missouri, for the protection of the shores of the Missouri River and necessary to preserve navigation at said point; in all, sixty-two thousand and sixty dollars. Lg*¤¤¢¤¤r>¤¤<>¤»F<>¤ MILITARY Pmsox AT Fonr LEAVENVVORTH, KANSAS: For transavenworth, Kaus. . . . . , ortation of discharged n11l1tary prisoners at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to place of prisoner’s enlistment at prisoneris home, provided the cost to the latter does not exceed cost to place of enlistment, two thousand five hundred dollars. '},`$fgj?g§hDb‘§der_ TELEGRAPH TO CONNECT THE CA1>IToL WITH THE DEPARTMENTS géaumi cams cam- AND GovERNMENr PRINTING OFFICE: To ay the Standard Underp“{.‘,f;m€,,, f,,,. ,,,,1,,6 ground Cable Company, of Pittsburgh, Rennsylvania, in full, for gonnicsigg £1¤;1>i¤:Jd underground electric cables laid in the city of Washington, District ctilémmeue rllming of Columbia, in October, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, con- °*“°°· necting the Capitol, Executive Mansion, State, War, and Nav De- ' partments, and other Government offices, and the Smithsonian lnstitution, under terms of permit of War Department, dated October · third, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, apppoved October ninth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, by H. G. right, Chief of Engineers, or other authority, eleven thousand dollars, which said sum shall be in full payment for the purchase of said cables and for