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FIFTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. -17. 1888. 51 For erecting two fire escapes upon the buildings of the Reformed §;§’£;f°;;°°l· School, of design and character to be approved by the building in- p ' spector of the District, one thousand one hundred dollars. That one-half of the foregoing amounts to meet deficiencies in the appropriations on account of the District of Columbia shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and one-half from any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated. INCREASE OF `VVATER-SUPPLY, WAsH1NGToN, DISTRICT OF Co- Sug§;?“*’ of Water LUMBIA: To enable the Secretary of War to complete the work of in- ` creasing the water-supply of the city of Washington, under the act entitled "Au act to increase the water—supply of the city of Washington, V°l· 2% ¥’· 168- and for other purposes," approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, namely: For completion of lining of the tunnel, two T° °°mPl*>*¤*- hundred and ninety-seven thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; for completing shafts, west connection, and for superintendence and engineering, thirty-seven thousand two hundred and nfty dollars; and for general contingencies of the work, twenty thousand dollars; in all, three hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars ; all of said work to be completed by November hrst, eighteen hundred and eighty- eight; said sum to be subject to all the provisions and restrictions of the said act of July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and V°l· 2% 1*168- of the act approved July fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, V0!-23,p-13%. making appropriations for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia, as to its apportionment and settlement between the United States and the District of Columbia, and the refunding thereof. The work above provided for to be done under the contract heretofore made or by a reletting, as in the discretion of the Secretary of War shall be most promotive of the interest of the Government: Provided, That no contract shall be made at prices greater Pwwiso. , than the prices allowed under contract under which work has been C°”°"m p"°‘”‘ heretofore done on said tunnel. YVAR DEPARTMENT. WM Department. Srnrm, WAR, AND NAVY BUILDING: For the following additional S,§gg’°{*{:;,g*¤a<};·g*¥agf force under the Superintendent of the State, \Var, and Navy De art- Building. ’ “ y ment building from February first to June thirtieth, eighteen linudred and eighty-eight, namely : For one assistant engineer, at the rate of one thousand dollars per Mdi¤<>¤¤i f<>¤‘¤¤· annum, and twenty-eight charwomen, at the rate of two hundred and fort dollars each per annum; in all, three thousand two hundred anclrthree dollars and sixty cents. Orrrcn or run SURGEON·GENERAL : For salaries of the following O,§,*§_§°°”‘G€¤°’¤l`¤ additional force from April first to June thirtieth. eighteen hundred ` and eighty-eight, namely : For one engineer, at the rate of one E“g*¤°**¤· °*°· thousand four hundred dollars per annum; one assistant engineer, for night duty, at the rate of nine hundred dollars per annum ; two firemen at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each er annum ; and two laborers at the rate of six hundred and sixty dbllars each per annum; in all, one thousand two hundred and ten dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ For needed repairs and improvements on the old Museum Build- R°p““"‘**°· ing and annex, on Tenth street, between E and F, now occupied by the record and pension division, Surgeon-General’s Office, as follows 1 For new steam heating ap aratus, including necessary pipes and radiators, three thousand dollars. For new lumbing throughout, two thousand dollars. For woodlfwork, including the repair of floors, windows, doors, and water-closets, five hundred dollars.