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1110 FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 565, 566. 1891. meamauiyinsm. Sec. 12. That this act shall (go into effect on the first day of July, anno Domini eighteen hundre and ninety-one. _ Avv¤¤~Nq w cid- Sec. 13. That this act shall only apply to a citizen or subject of a Eng foreign state or nation when such foreign state or nation permits to ”·¤‘*'*€**'¤· citizens of the United States of America the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as its own citizens; or when such foreign rmty supuimous. state or nation is a party to an international agreement which provides for reciprocity in the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States of America may, at its pleasure, ?¤¤<=km¤¤¤¤s. become a party to such agreement. The existence of either of the conditions aforesaid shall be determined by the President of the United States by proclamation made from time to time as the purposes of this act may require. Approved, March 3, 1891. Ihmh 8.1891- CHAP. 566.-A.u act to create a new division in the northern judicial district of ""_"""""" Georgia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the evnuanmnmju- United States of America in Congress assembled, That a new di- °‘€t'§s,"f,§‘§,‘·dgmw vision of the northern judicial district of the State of Georgia, to be ¤¤i1¤¤¤t known as the western division of the northern judicial district of Geor 'a, be, and the same is hereby, established, to be composed of i the fglowin counties, to—wit: Muscogee, Heard, Troup, Merriwether, ocuuuan-annsenea. Harris, Talbot, Taylor, Marion, C attahoochee, Stewart Schley, Webster, Quitman, Clay, Randolph, Early, Miller, and Terrell, and . all of said counties which may not now belong, for judicial purposes, to the northern district of the State of Georgia, be, and the same are hereby, transferred to the said northern district gp SECTION Two. That two terms of the circuit and district courts. of,im. ’ the United States for said northern district shall be held annually in said new division at the city of Columbus, in the county of Musco ee, commencing on the second Monday in January and the second lifonda in June, and shall continue in session for two weeks. ?¤¤°¤¤¤· gECTION THREE. That all process, civil and criminal, issued against citizens residing in said counties, shall be made returnable to the said courts, respectively, at the said city of Columbus, and not otherwise. ¤¤m¤y<=|¤rk,M- SECTION FoUR. That the clerk of the district and the clerk of the circuit court shall appoint a deputy clerk for the courts for said division, and the marshal of said northern district shall provide ppitable rooms for the occupancy of said courts and the officers ereo . P°““‘“€“°“°”· SECTION FIVE. That no suit or prosecution now pending against a citizen or citizens residing in either of said counties constituting the division hereby created, in either of said courts, at any other place, under the provisions of existing laws, shall be affected b i this act, but the same shall be prosecuted and determined as though this act had not been rlpassed. _ Smcriox Six. hat all laws in conflict with this act are hereby repealed. Approved, March 3, 1891.