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64 FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 156. 1890. ctmmmmeum Sec. 10. That whenever the President of the United States shall ‘;m_°‘““‘“ l"'°°’““" be notiiied b the commission that provision has been made for grounds and building; for the uses herein provided for and there has also been filed with 'm by the said corporation, known u “The World’s Exxition of eighteen hundred and ninety-two,” atisfactory proof t a sum not less than ten million dollars, to be used an expended for the purposes of the exposition herein authorized, has in fact been raised or provided for by subscription or other legally binding means, he shall be authorized, throng the Depart- Proclamationbltlm ment of State, to make proclamation of the same, settimgl forth the mfgm time at which the exposition will open and close, and e place at N¤¤i¤•2·¤<>¤ w f¤¤‘- which it will be held ; and he shall communicate to the dip omatic '°°“° representatives of foreign nations copies of the same, toget er with such regulations as may be adopted y the commission, or {ublica- 1¤vlQ¤{¤¤¤¤r¤r¤¤¤- tion in their respective countries, and he shall, inbehalf of the Gov- ’°°°’ emment and people, invite foreign nations to take part in the said exposition an appoint representatives thereto. m $**:3**;*; mc. 11. That a articles which shall be imported from foreign

 countries for the sole purpose of exhibition at said exposition, upon

which there shall be a tarif or customs duty, shall be admitted ree of payment of duty, customs fees, or charges under such regiulations as e Secretary o the Treasury) shall prescribe ; but it sha be lawd=_¤*¤*¤¤***¤¤•* ful at any time during the exhi ition to sell for delivery at the close of the exposition any goods or imported for and actually - on exhibition in the expositiondingcor on its grounds, subyect to such regulations for the security of revenue and for the col ec- = tion of the im rt duties as the Secretary of the Treasury shall pre-

 scribe :   d, That all such articles when sold or wit `drawn for

•¤¤.,•¤»¤: many. consumption in the United States shall be subyect to the duty, if any, imposed upon such articles by the revenue ws in force a the _ nummmmzonasu- date of importation, and all penalties p¤rescr·1'bed by law shall be "“°‘ applied an enforced against such artic , and against the persons who may be guilty of any illegal sale or withdrawal. Auv¤>1>·:¤¤;¤: ed- Sec. 12. That the sum of twenty thousand dollars, or as much gum. °"'g° thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the remainder of the present Escal year and for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eig teen hundred and ninet -one, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the 'llieasury for pugptosjes connected with the admission of foreign goods to said ex 1 1 ion. comminmnpcm Sec. 13. That it shall be the duty of the commission to make report from time to time, to the President of the United States of the progress of tgiehwork, and, in a final report, present a full exhibit o the resu s o the exposition. c°¤¤¤¥*•¤ I m•:*¤¤¤<=¢<>¤ Sec. 14. That the commission hereby authorized shall exist no ' longpr thap until the first day of January, eighteen hundred and nine y-eig t. U}§§,g"g,'ff,£: °' tm Sec. 15. That the United States shall 11ot in any manner, nor under any circumstances, be liable for any of the acts, doings, proceedings or representations of the said corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, its officers, agents, servants, or employes, or any of them, or for the service, salaries, labor, or wages of said officers, agents, servants, or employes, or any of them, or for any ubscriptions to the capital stock, or for any certiiicates of stock, bonds, mortgages, or obli ations of any kind issued by said corporation or for any debts, lialilities, or expenses of any kind whatever _ attending such corporation or accruing by reason of the same. M m®'· Sec. 16. That there shall be exhibited at said exposition by the Government of the United States, from its Executive Departments the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Fish Commission, and the National Museum, such articles and materials as illustrate