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FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 199-201. 1890. 105 said franchise, together with the rolling stock, for mone to con- Mortgages struct and complete said road: And provided further, That the Completion. right granted herein shall be lost and forfeited by said company unless the road is constructed and in running order across said reservation within two years from the passage of this act. Sec. 5. That said railway company shall acce t this right of way cosumon or mcevv upon the expressed condition, binding upon itsdlf, its successors or °‘°°°' assigns, that they will neither aid, advise, nor assist in any effort looking towards the changing or extinguishing the present tenure of the ndians in their land, and will not attempt to secure from the Indian tribes any further grant of land or its occupanc than is hereinbefore provided: Provided, That any violation of the condi- mma. t10D mentioned in this section shall operate as a forfeiture of all the F¤¤*¤i¤¤¤· rights and Tprivileges of said railway company under this act. Sec. 6. hat Congress may at any time amend, add to, alter, or smemimeunee repeal this act. Approved, May 8, 1890. · CHAP. 200.-An act providing for the classification of worsted cloths as woclens. IM! 9. im Be it enacted by the Senate and House og Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem Zed, That the Secretary d&¤Lngwbgf wcrrwi of the Treasury be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to uwwmcmins. classify as woolen cloths all imports of worsted cloth, whether known ,,0'§,'f•’°'¥ °'*¤**°* under the name of worsted cloth or under the names of worsteds, or ·V01.Q,p.5N. diagonals, or otherwise. Approved, May 9, 1890. CHAP. 201.-An act for improving Aransas Pass. M&y12, 1890. Be it enacted bp the Senate and House of Répresentatives of the . United States of merica in Congress assemble , That the Aransas wgrgggnr L¤¤ gy- Pass Harbor Company, a corporation duly chartered under the laws gg, mf, LN.,} of the State of Texas, and their associates, assigns, successors, and ·T°*** representatives be, and they are hereby, authorized on the conditions hereinafter mentioned, to construct, own, and operate such permanent and sufficient jetties and breakwaters and such auxiliary works as égxpmkyggm are necessary to create and permanently maintain, as hereinafter set ‘ forth, a navigable channel across the outer bar, which obstructs the °nN:;{g:l{}:·_ Xhrgg entrance to Aransas Pass Harbor, on the coast of the Gulf of Mex- Pass nmmkw. ico, in the State of Texas, and so far m’to the bays_ and navigable waters as may be necessary to reach a place that will afford ample dockage and protection from storms, swells cyclones, and t1 al waves for the purpose of furnishing the vessels and boats adapted to the purpose, facilities for navigation m and along the entire length Amswmvigsticn. of said channel, and for that purpgse they may construct in the Gulf of Mexico and in and across the ys an navigable waters adjacent thereto such walls, jetties dikes, evees, and other structures, and mseruguresnmuemploy such boats, rafts, bridges, and apphances, as_ they may in °°"*· · the prosecution of said work deem necessary: Provided, That no P~vi·~· such structure or means employed Shall hinder, delay, or interfere tgnpbcicgnncwd navieswith the free navigation in said channel, harbor, bays, or navigable waters; and to protect their said works they may uild and mam- mrmeeeuoner works tain such levees, embankments, walls, or riprap as may be necessary ‘ to secure their permanency along the banks or shores of Mustang, nas:.} sm; rs Saint Joseph, and Harbor slands BS H10 United States IS authorized m k‘“’°' 1* to grant, and to utilize such w01‘l§8 38 the Government has already wgsl; of Government constructed, and will hold the United States harmless from any_dam- D,,,;,,, age that may accrue to any person or persons by the construction of