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FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 214, 215. 1890. 1 13 Proposals for the sale of land suitable for said site shall be invited Proposals by pu lic advertisement in one or more of the newspapers of said State of the largest circulation for at least twenty days prior to the day specified in said advertisement for the opening of such pro osals. Proposals made in response to said advertisement shall be addiessed and mailed to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall then cause the said proposed site, and such others as he may think roper to designate, to be examined in person by an agent of the Treasury Examination, oto., Department, who shall make written report to said Secretary of the ""'*"'°“““"’°g°"‘· result of such examination, and of his recommendations thereon, and the reasons therefor, which shall be accompanied by the original proposals and all maps, plats, and statements which shall have come into his possession re ating to said proposed sites. If, upon consideration of said report and accompanying papers, the Secretary of the Treasury shall deem further investigation necessary, he may appoint a commission of not more than three persons, Appointment or to be composed of an officer of the Treasury Department and two °°“‘""“‘°“· other persons, which commission shall also examine the said proposed sites, and such others as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, and grant such hearings in relation thereto as they shall deem necessary; and said commission shall, within thirty days after such Examination and examination, make to the Secretary of the Treasury written report '°*’°"‘· of their conclusion in the premises, accompanied by any statements, maps, plats, or documents taken by or submitted to them, in 11ke manner as hereinbefore provided in regard to the proceedings of said agents of the Treasury Department; and the Secretary o the Treasury shall thereupon nally determine the location of the build- l0:n·>tg;¤¤i¤¤¢i¤¤ of ing to be erected. The compensation of said commissioners shall be ` fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, but shall not exceed six dol- Couipgpsgtion of lars per day andactual traveling expenses: Provzded, however, That °°mm*“*°¤· _ the member of said commission appointed from the Treasury De- P··o»~zoo. partment shall be paid onl his actual traveling expenses, _ T¤¤¤¤·¤'.v ¤¤¤¤b¤¤ No mone shall be used or apphed for_the purppse mentioned, mggudupygtintgrp $1 until a valid title to the site for said building shall e vested in the oiouoo pm. United States, nor until the State_of_ Pennsylvania shall have ceded to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over the same, during the time the United States shall be or remain the owner thereof, for all purposes except the administration of the crimmal laws of said State and the service of civil process therein. The building herein provided for shall be unexposed to danger 0m mwfrom tire by an open space of at least forty feet on each side, including streets and a leys. p Approved, May 16, 1890. CHAP. 215.-An act to establish two additional land districts in the State of May ic, mm. Washington. _ — ' b the Senate and House of Re senfafices of the Unitedtgxteiggedf gmerica in Congress assembled, That all that pol-- W tion of the State of Washington b011nded and described as follows ; mmm md mmm, Commencing at a point on the W6St61‘11_ coast of the State of Wash- estabington, where the me between t0WI1Sh1pS fOUI`t€€H and fifteen north m%,,h,u, md di,. of the base-line intersects said coast; thence east along said lmo Bdlmdmes between townships fourteen and fifteen to the summit of the Cascade range of mountains; thence north along the summit of said range to a point where the Efth standard paralle , if pro]ected, would intersect said range; thence west alongl said fifth standard parallel to the Willamette principal meridian ;_t ence north along said meridian to the northeast corner of township twenty-four north of range one _ STAT L-—VOL XXVI-—-8