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FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 837. 1890. 405 and privy-watchmen, and for all machines, tools, materials, and appliances purchased for use under this head, and for their repair, un ess the repairs are made b the home; also for all labor and material for upholstery shops, broom and soap sho s, one hundred and seven thousand two hundred and eighty-eight diollars and fifty- seven cents_; _For hospital, namely: Pay of assistant surgeons, matrons, drug- Bmw cxvwnnrgists, hospital stewards, ward masters, nurses, cooks, waiters, readers, hospital carriage drivers, hearse drivers, grave diggers funeral escort, and for such labor as may be necessary; for surgical instruments and appliances, medical books, medicines, liquors, - fruits, and other necessaries for the ick not on the regiular ration ; for bedsteads, bedding, and materials and all other artic es necessary for the wards; kitchen and dining room furniture and appliances, carriage, hearse, stretchers, coiiins, and materials; for tools of gravediggers, and for all repairs not done by the Home, fifty-five thousand two hundred and five dollars and fifty-eight cents; For transportation, namely : For transportation of members of the '1‘·=¤¤w¤‘¢¤¤¤¤~ Home, five thousand dollars ; For construction, namely: Pay of chief engineer, builders, black- Qvnnrumon andre smiths, carpenters, cabinet-ma ers, coopers, painters, gas-fitters, P""` plumbers, tmsmiths, wire-workers, steam-litters, stone-masons, quarrymen, whitewashers, and laborers, and for all machines, tools, appliances, and materials used under this head, sixty-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-four dollars and eighty-eilght cents ; For reconstructing and enlarging present sewer ine from Central Rcmgnstwctinsscw Branch Home to Miami River, twenty-four thousand one hundred °r and twenty-two dollars and fifty cents; For farm, namely: Pay of farmers, chief gardener, harness-makers, Farm expenses farm-hands, gardeners, stablemen, teamsters, dairymen, hog-feeders, and laborers, and for all machines, implements, tools, appliances, . and materials required for such work; for grain, hay, and straw, dressing and seed, carriages, wagons, carts, and other conveyances; for all animals and fowls purchased for stock or for work (including animals in the park); for all materials, tools, and labor for Bowergarden, lawn and park; and for rgepairs not done by the Home, . twenty-two thousand four hundr and sixty-three dollars and sevent -four cents; _ In all, seven hundred and eighty-seven thousand five hundred and thirty-four dollars and sixty-one cents. · _ AT THE NORTHWESTERN BRANCH, AT MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN: m¥Wl¤b¤,WlI=· For current ex enses, including the same obfxects specified under this ou-nnuupemm head for the Central Branch, twenty-six thousand three hundred ' and fort -four dollars and sixty cents; . For sulmsistence, including the same objects specied under this summme. head for the Central Branch, one hundred and sixteen thousand four hundred and two dollars and fifty cents; For clothing, including the same objects specined under this head Glowing. for the Centra Branch, t irty-four thousand six hundred and eighty- nine dollars and eighty-five cents; _ For household, including the same 0b3ects specined under this head nousenem. for the Central Branch, forty-six thousand four hundred and seventy- seven dollars; _ _ For hospital, including the same obgnects specified under this head Hospital. for the Central Branch, twenty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety-five dollars and twentygtwo cents; For trans rtation of mem rs of the Home, one thousand nine rmnspoi-mm. hundred ando eighty dollars and seventy-sur cents; For construction, including the same obplects specified under this mmmm. head for the Central Branch, twentyifive thousand dollars; For laundry, seven thousand five undred dollars; num-y. For water supply, fifteen thousand dollars; wm, mw, _