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432 FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 907. 1890. s•.¤s¤e1>¤.¤¤,r¤¤ Improvin harbor at Sabine Pass, Texas: Continuing improvement, threelundred thousand dollars, and of this amount the Secretary of War may, in his discretion, use fifty thousand dollars, or so much of said fifty thousand dollars as may be necessary, for dredg- 111 . osmm sn, ru., Im roving and maintaining sliipchannel in Galveston Bay, Texas,

    • “P“““’*°*- fromlliolivar Channel through organ’s Cut and Morgan’s Channel

constructed through Morgan s Point to the San Jacinto River, forty thousand dollars. Galveston, ru Improving entrance to Galveston Harbor, Texas : Continuing immm. provement, ve hundred thousand dollars : Promded, That contracts ·°°°“‘·°”· may be entered into by the Secretary of War for such materials and . work as mav be necessary to carry out the plan contained in the rert of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen undred and eighty-six fdr the improvement of that harbor, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law. _ .4.m.u»¤1», ohm. Improving harbor at Ashtabula, Ohio: Continuing 1mprovement, forty thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ _m,,k mm,Om,,_ Improving harbor at mouth of Black River, Ohio: Continuing im rovement, twelve thousand dollars. _ -c1¤v¤¤¤¤1,om¤. Improving harbor (pt} Gleveland, Ohio: Continuing improvement, sevent —five thousan dollars. hn-pm,ou¤.Impfoving harbor at Fairport, Ohio: Continuing improvement, thirty thousand dollars, of which eight thousand seven hundred dollars may in the discretion of the Secretary of War be expended in and ¢(§ee£ning1I,he ch'an3e1<;ft]Grand River from its mouth to the new oc on the wes si e o e same. - The owners of dock roperty abutting on the East Government pier on Grand River sh5l have the ritght to and unload coal, ore, and other freight over so much o said pier as lies north of the inner shore-line represented on map the report of the Chief of Engineers of eighteeéx luéndredhap mglity-one; op prepayment og suc rent there or an un er suc 11111 a ons as o 1me an use an such other conditions of such right as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War and always revocable by him, or by Congress. .11um¤,ou¤. Improving harbor at Huron, Ohio: Continuing improvement, in amended reject to give sixteen feet depth at low water, sixteen thousand dollars. The owners of dock ropert abutting on the old. Government pier on the east side of Huron lliver shal have the right to load and unload coal, ore, and other freight over so much of said pier as lies south of the shore line of Lake Erie, under such limwtions ss to ltime ajgd pse as shall bl?1 apprpxved by éhe Secretary of ar said ri t to a wa s revoca e y im or on ess an in consideratioli thereof the oivners of such dock property shhll, at their own proper cost and expense, sufficiently repair, renew, and protect the rtion of said ier south of said shoreline, and do all necessary dreclxln in Huronllliver in front thereof ; all such relpairs, renewals, and diedging to be done under the supervision of the Chief of Engineers o the United States Army. _ _ _ _ .s•m¤ny.0am>. · Improving harbor at Sandusky, Oh1o: Continuing improvement, forty-five thousand dollars. _ _ ·r¤u1¤,om¤. Improving harbor at Toledo, Ohio: Continuing improvement, two hundred thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Toledo, Ohio: For clearing the old channel, five thousand dollars. _ mnxpmmgum mm, For ice-harbor at the mouth of Muskingum River, Ohio: For re- °‘ pairs, thirty thousand dollars. _ 1>»ncu¤:¤¤,o1m. Improving harbor at Port Clinton, Ohio: Continuing improvement, three thousand dollars. v,,mmm,Ou.,_ Improving harbor at Vermillion, Ohio: For preservation of piers, two thousand dollars.