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FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1278. 1890. 665 eighty rods, more or less, to the place of beginning; being the west thirty-five acres of the south half of the southeast quarter of section _ eighteen, township one south, of range one east, of the Ute meridian, together with water rights apfpurtenant thereto, inclndin twenty- Wawrrizhbs. two statute inches of water. rom the Mesa County ditch for the irrigation of said land: Provided further, That the said railway company Shall build and maintain a fence the line of railway next Fence. to the school lands: And provided also, That the United States re- may <>f my f<>r serves the unrestricted rig t of way for irrigation purposes over said i""g° °° "”°' ”°d‘ land to be conveyed to said company as herein provided. Approved, October 1, 1890. _ Q