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FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rus. 15-17. 1890. 671 [No. 15.gG Joint resolution requesting the Secretary of War to cause a further April 19,l$0. report to made as to the and approximate cost of tunneling the :—·——‘—* Detroit River at or near Detroit, Michigan. Whereas, there having been commissions of Army engineer ap- Preamble, pointed m the years eig teen hundred and seventy-three, eighteen _ undred and seventymme, and eighteen hundred and eighty-nine to investigate and report upon the necessity and practicability of the proper means of crossing the Detroit River at or near Detroit, Mich- ’g“wi.“’ E¥s..”"dg°d°’ °E°‘"’"f§’ i Edt r i d h - st- t- , said co m1ss1 ne ave 1IIl1 e suc inve 1ga ions ’ mc};·;9pprt§cgLa;}ly t§>etheeque$t%_1 of bridging said river : j'.l‘hzer¢gfore,d . ve e na an ouseo e resen atives 0 the nite States zif America in Congress assernbéd, 'Fhat the Secretary of War mma mm-. is here y directed to have the said Board of Engineers appointed by Bowl of A1’¤UE¤~ the Secretary of War in eighteen hundred and eighty-nine to more °" fully remt upon (at the earliest time practicable) the advisability, practica'ty, and approximate cost of tunneling the Detroit River 3 op neartrlgstroita ichigan, in such a inanner as tp accommodaple e argc e an commerce crossing the river at t at point, wit - out permanent obstruction of any kind whatever to the navigation interests of said river, with a view to the passage of said commerce through said tunnel from the United States into and through the Dominion of Canada and return ; such report to be based upon the examination already made by said Board, or, if necessary to a compliance with this resolution, to make such report after further in- _ quiry into the subject. Approved, April 19, 1890. [No. 18.] Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of War to use rations for April as, 1809. the relief of destitute gone in the district overflowed by the Mississippi River and ··—·—·—·—‘ its tributaries, and mg an appropriation to relieve the sufferers by said overflow. Resolved by the Senate and House og" Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem led, That the sum of one hun- Mississippi mm-, dred and fifty thousand ollars is hereby appropriated out of any °*°··“°°“ money in She glrezsury not cétplprvgise a;pprop;·i;.`ted,'to lie expexided and un er e irection o e eore r 0 ar, in the pure ase abd distribution of subsistence stores to such destitute persons as may Approdprlationtonreeauire assistance in the district overilowed bdy the Mississippi River }§§g'§_,d d,°g§§§§§f°“ *9 an itls tributaries, by the recent flopldshl Ap the Sgcretaiiy of 1War Pm, p. m. is authorized 0 use e s eamers an o er oa s an vesse s e onging to or now employed by the Government ulpon the Mississippi River and its tributaries in the transportation an _ distribution o the suplies furnished biy the United States or individuals, to and among said destitute and su ering people, and he may employ such other means of transportation as he may deem necessary to carry the purpose of this Joint Resolution into effect. _ Approved, April 25, 1890. [No, 17.L3.xloint resolution authorizing the use and improvement of Castle Island, my L mq_ in Boston bor. ————-—————-—· Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem led, That permission be, and is - hereby, granted to the city of Boston, in the State of Massachusetts, throu h its park commissioners, to improve and beautify Castle came mmm, nm- Islanef situated in said city, and belonging to the United States, in °°°**“*°“*