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778 FIFTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 284. 1891. advertisin , and other miscellaneous ex enses of the Medical Depart- Amount. ment; in all, two hundred thousand dollars; and not over forty-ive thousand dollars of the money appropriated by this paragraph shall

 enpmyess. be applied to the payment of civi ian employees of the Medical Deartment.

memm museum. P Medical Museum and Library: For Army Medical Museum, preservation of specimens and the preparation- or purchase of new Library. s ecimens, five thousand dollars; for the library of the Surgeongqperalb Office, ten thousand dollars ; in all, fifteen thousand o ars. m§¤¤;€*¤°¤*D¤P¤° ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. I“°“°“““°‘*‘°“‘“· Engineer depot at Willets Point, New York: Incidental expenses of the depot, includin fuel, lights, chemicals, stationery, har ware, extra duty pay to soiliers necessarily employed for periods of not less than ten days as artiiicers on work in addition to and not strictl in line of their military duties, such carpenters, blacksmiths, draughtsmen, printers, lithographers, photographers, engine-drivers, teamsters, wheelwrights, masons, machinists, painters, overseers, laborers, repairs of and for materials to repair public buildings, machinery, and unforeseen expenses, five thousan dollars. For purchase of materials for the instruction of engineer troops at Willets Point in their special duties of sappers, miners, for land and submarine mines and pontoneers, torpedo drill and signaling, three thousand five hundred dollars. _ For purchase and repairs of instruments to be issued to officers of the Corps of Engineers, and to officers detailed and on duty as acting engineer officers for use on public works and surveys, two thousand ollars. _ Library of the Engineer School of Application: Purchase and binding of professiona works of recent date treating of military and giviil engineering, and kindred scientific subjects, five hundred 0 ars. ¤°"l’°“'”°8·°“’· For iireproof building to replace engineer depot store house destroyed by nre May tenth, eigh een hundred and ninety, for storin intrenching tools, bridge uipage, pontoon material, and general ptores, sixteen thousand dolhrs. In all, twenty-seven thousand dollars. ¤g,'l"'*“°° D°P°’*· ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. e ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤>¤¤¤¤- Ordnance service: For current expenses of the ordnance service required to defray the current expenses at the arsenals; of receivin stores and issuing arms and other ordnance sqpplies; of police and omce duties; of rents, tools, fuel, and lights; o stationery and office furniture; of tools and instruments for use; incidental expenses of the ordnance service, and those attending practical trials and tests of ordnance, small arms, a11d other ordnance supplies, including payment for mechanical labor in the office of Chief of Ordnance, eighty thousand dollars. _ ¤:$¤¤¤¤m<>¤ f¤r or manufacture of metallic ammunition for small arms and ammm'munition for reloading cartridges, and tools for the same, including the cost of targets and materia for target-practice, and marksmen’s medals and insignia, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. M gf) °°*¤*¤ For repairing and preserving ordnance and ordnance stores in the 'hangslofltroops and or issue at the arsenals and depots, five thousan dollars. onimm mms. For purchase and manufacture of ordnance stores to fill requisitions of troops, one hundred thousand dollars. E¤¤iPm<*¤¤#· For infantry, cavalry. and artillery equipments, includin horse eqgipments for cavalry and artillery. one hundred thousand dollars.

 MW Md- or overhauling, cleaning, and preserving new ordnance stores on

' hand at the arsenals, five thousan dollars.