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_ FIF'1‘Y-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 541. 1891. r 923 OFFICE or CONSTRUCTION or STANDARD Wnrenrs AND MEAs- Standard weagnu Unns: For construction and verification of standard weights and """‘°°’“"°“· measures, mcluding metric standards, for the customhouses, other offices of the United States, and for the several States, and mural standards of length in Washingtoii, District of Columbia: One adjuster, at one thousand five hundred dollars ; one mechanician, at - one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars ; one assistant messenger; gniihpne watchman ; in all, four thousand one hundred and ninety o rs. For purchase of materials and apparatus, and incidental expenses, I¤¤id¤¤¤¤\¤¤n¤¤•¤• five hundred dollars. For expenses of the attendance of the American member of the xnnnnnunnni cun- . International Committee on Weights and Measures at the general §°,L’°,,,‘Q';_w“‘”'““° conference provided for in the convention si ed May twentieth, . eighteen hundred and seventy-five, the sum ogldix hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Omucm or run Dmncron or- rim MINT: For Director, four Dkccwrortmwm thousand five hundred dollars; examiner, two thousand five hundred dollars; computer, two thousand five hundred dollars; assa er, two thousand two hundred dollars; adjuster of accounts, two thousand dollars- one clerk class four; one clerk of class three; one clerk of class two, who shall be a stenogapher; four clerks of class one; one translator, one thousand four undred dollars; one clerk, at one thousand dollars; one copyist; one messenger; assistant in laboratory, one thousand dollars; one assistant messenger; in all, twenty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty dollars. For freight on bullion and coin, by registered mail or otherwise, Freizhu between mints and assay offices, ten thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of `the Bureau of the Mint, to be ex- Contingent ¤~ pcnded under the direction of the Director, namely: For assay lab- "°“°°‘ oratory, chemicals, fuel, materials, and other necessaries, seven hundred and fifty dollars. For examination of mints, expense in visiting mints and assay ofiices for the purpose of superintending the annual settlements and for special examinations, two thousand five hundred dollars. For books, amphlets, periodicals, specimens of coins and ores balances, weights, and incidentals, five undred dollars. For the coliction of statistics, relative to the annual production of the precious metals in the United States, four thousan dollars. Orrrcn or Surnnvisme SUnoEoN GENERAL MARINE HOSPITAL Mull M Hcrviw SERVICE: For Supervising Surgeon General, four thousand dollars; ' one clerk, one thousand eight undred dollars; five clerks, at one thousand six hundred dollars each · two clerks, at one thousand two hundred dollars each ; one hos ital, steward (employed as chemist), one thousand two hundred dollars; six copyists; one messenger, at six hundred dollars; two laborers, at four undred and eighty dollars each; and one laborer, three hundred and sixty dollars; in all, twenty-four thousand seven hundred and twenty ollars, the same to be paid from the permanent appropriations for the Marine-Hospital Service. And hereafter the Supervising Surgeon-General is hereby Mmmm ¤¤r:•¤¤¤· authorized to cause the detail of two surgeons and two passed assist- ' ant surgeons for duty in the Bureau, who shall each receive the pay and allowances of their respective grades in the general service. Orrrcm Surmnvrsme INSPECTOR-GENERAIJ STEAMBOAT INSPEC- tiggewgq I¤¤z»¤- TION SE11v10E: For Supervising Insqpctor-General, three thousand ' five hundred dollars; one chie cler , not to exceed one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk, not to exceed one thousand six hundred dollars; two clerks, not to exceed one thousand two hundred dollars each; one messenger, not to exceed eight hundred and forty dollars; in all, ten thousand one hundred and forty dollars, the same to be paid from the permament appropriations for the Steamboat Inspection Service.