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PROCLAMATIONS. No. 4. 983 4. Fish and shelliish, live, fresh, dried, in brine, smoked, pickled; oysters and salmon in cans. 5. Oats, barley, rye and buckwheat and ilour of these cereals. 6. Starch, maizena and other alimentary products of corn, except cornmeal. 7. Cotton seed, oil and meal-cake of said seed for cattle. 8. Hay, straw for forage and bran. 9. Fruits, fresh, dried and preserved, except raisins. 10. Vegetables and garden products, fresh and dried. 11. Resin of pine, tar, pitch and turpentine. 12. Woods of all kinds, in trunks or logs, joists, rafters, planks, beams, boards, round or cylindric masts, although cut, planed and tongued and grooved, including flooring. 13. Woods for cooperage, including staves, headings and wooden hoops. 14. Wooden boxes, mounted or unmounted, except of cedar. , 15. Woods, ordinary, manufactured into doors, frames, windows and shutters, without paint or varnish, and wooden houses, unmounted, without paint or varnish. _ 16. Wagons and carts for ordinary roads and agriculture. 17. Sewing machines. 18. Petroleum, raw or unreiined, according to the classification iixed in the existing orders for the importation of this article in said Islands. 19. Coal, mineral. 20. Ice. Products or manufactures of the United States to be admitted into g;¤¤*¤¤ ··i¤¤i¤¤¤·i•¢ Cuba and Porto Rico on payment of the duties stated: ° °x"°°'°°' Y 21. Corn or maize, 25 cents per 100 kilogrammes. 22. Corn meal, 25 cents per 100 kilogrammes. 23. Wheat, hom January 1, 1892, 30 cents per 100 kilogrammes. 24. Wheat-ilour, from January 1, 1892, $1 per 100 kilogrammes. Products or manufactures of the United States to be admitted into grgiviqs =¤i¤;iM¤>d¤¢· Cuba and Porto Rico at a reduction of duty of 25 per centum: Zm_°°°‘°" '” 25 W 25. Butter and cheese. . 26. Petroleum, refined. f 27. Boots and shoes in whole or in part of leather or skins. And whereas the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary mgfggjjmgqjg of Spain in Washington has further communicated to the Secretary of ' State that the Government of Spain will, in like manner and as a definitive arrangement, admit, from and after July 1, 1892, into all the established ports of entry of the Spanish islands of Cuba and Porto Rico, the articles or merchandise named in the following Schedules A, B, C, and D, on the terms stated therein, provided that the same be the product or manufacture of the United States and proceed directly from the ports of said States: SCHEDULE A. ssnsquis A. Products or mnm1factures of the United States to be admitted into Articles admitted Cuba and Porto Rico free of duties: _ f“’° °' °“*" 1. Marble, jasper and alabaster natural or artificial, in rough or in pieces, dressed, squared and prepared for taking shape. 2. Other stones and earthy matters, including cement, employed in building, the arts and industries. 3. W'aters, mineral or medicinal. 4. Ice.

 Coal, mineral.

6. Resin, tar, pitch, turpentine, asphalt, schist and bitumen. 7. Petroleum, raw or crude, in accordance with the classiiication Hxed in the tariff of said islands. 8. Clay, ordinary, in paving tiles large and small, bricks, and roof tiles unglazed, for the construction of buildings, ovens and other s1m— ilar purposes.