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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 158. 1892. ]_()] Improving Savannah River, between Augusta and Savannah: Con- AS¤*¤¤¤¤1·S}¥i}‘¤r·G¤- tinuing improvement, thirty-five thousand dollars. ugum t° °`"””h' Improving J ekyl Creek, Georgia: Continuing improvement, seven J¤ky1Cr¤¤k.G¤· thousand five hundred dollars. Improving Coosa River in Georgia and Alabama, between Rome, AQ-¤>¤¤Riv¤r.G¤·¤¤d Georgia, and the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad bridge a` in Alabama: Continuing improvement, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. · Improving Coosa River between Wemmpka, Alabama and the East C°¤¤¤ River. Ak- Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad bridge: Continuing improvement, one hundred thousand dollars, and the restriction as to the size of the locks to be constructed on the Coosa River, placed in the river Locks. and harbor act of September nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety Vol. ze, p. 442. is hereby repealed. Inside water route between Savannah, Georgia, and Fernandma, DQ,Y“}§j_““gg·F§*;;ggj Florida, fifteen thousand dollars. dimi. mi. _ d Iinprovin g Savammah River, Georgia-, above Augusta, ten thousand G;f'Q{,Y,L‘Q‘§},‘g},‘Qf,§'· o ars. Improving Apalachicola River, Florida including Lee’s Slough and F,QP“‘“°"*°°1'* mmits connection with the Chipola River, and from said connection to the mgpth of the Chipola River: Continuing improvement. five thousand o ars. Improving Caloosahatchee River, Florida, For maintenance, one B,°§}g°°°h°'°h°° RN thousand dollars. ’ ` - Improving Choctawhatchee River, Florida, and Alabama, Coniinu- mg-;1r?i¤i3.:fu°Ii»I°° ing improvement, twelve thousand five hundred dollars: Provided; P*·>¤¢•<>- That no part of said sum shall be expended above Hollis Bridge until ”'“' WP- a draw approved by the Secretary of War is put in said bridge. Improving Escambia and Conecuh Rivers, Florida: Continuing im- .,°E§°§$§’,L‘_ 1.*4*: °°“` provement, eight thousand dollars, of which three thousand dollars are tor snag boat and five thousand dollars for operating the same. Improving Manatee River, Florida: Continuing improvement, six M“¤*°° Ri"•¤·Fl¤· thousand dollars. _ Improving the channel over the bar at the mouth of the Saint Johns m§‘f‘“‘ ·’°h““ R*"°'· River, Florida: Continuing improvement, one hundred and twelvethousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That contracts may be enterd §0';°g€£tS_ into by the Secretary of War for such materials and work as may be necessary to carry out the project of June eleventh, eighteen hundred · and ninety-o11e, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be made by law, not to exceed in the aggregate two hundred and eighty- Limitiour thousand five hunched dollars exclusive of the amount herein a11d heretofore appropriated. Improving Suwanee River, Florida: Continuing improvement, three S¤W=·¤¤¤ Riv¤r»F1¤- thousand dollars. Improving Volusia Bar, Florida: For repairs, one thousand dollars. V°’“¤‘=·* B¤*·I"*¤· Improving Ccklawaha River, Florida: For maintenance, one thou- mQ°'=l=·W¤l¤=· Ri*¤¤‘· sand dollars. Improving Sarasota Bay, Florida: Continuing improvement, two S¤¤¤<>¢=~B¤y.Fh thousand five hundred dollars. Improving Indian River, Florida, between Goat Creek and Jupiter I“*“*i¤ Ri*‘°’·Fl¤· Inlet, fifteen thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of the money P'”""’°· hereby appropriated shall be expended until the Florida Coast Line Canal and Transportation Company surrenders and relinquishes to the United States all the rights and privileges which it now holds under State Charter along the entire route. _ Improving Alabama River, Alabama: Continuing improvement, ““"’°'”°R*'°’·*“*· seventy thousand dollars. _ Improving Black lVarrior River, Alabama. irom Tuscaloosa to Dan- R#;Q§a_W“""°' WIS Creek: Continuing improvement, two hundred thousand dollars. Improving Cahaba River, Alabama: Continuing improvement, seven Cmbe Rivet -*1*- thousand five hundred dollars.