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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 195. 1892. l 77 And provided further, That the accounting officers of the Treasury are tagfedimhfgr ¤·>¤¤t¤¤¤· hereby authorized to credit disbursing officers of the Army with the pomixvy Xéaeéu Bm` amount of any such sums as may have been charged against them on account of payment of commutation of quarters to officers temporarily ~ absent from their permanent station. - For pay of a clerk attendant, on the collection and classification of binrgirmamn fr<>¤¤ military information from abroad, one thousand five hundred dollars; a M ‘ and the officers detailed to obtain the same shall be entitled to mileage and transportation and also commutation of quarters while on this duty, as provided when on other duty. For allowance for travel, retained pay, clothing not drawn, and for c¤j§;{‘;‘,{‘:;gff· °*°·· '~° interest on deposits, payable to enlisted men on discharge, eight hun- ` dred and seventy-tive thousand dollars. For additional pay to officer commanding the military prison at Fort Mmmw 1>¤·i¤¤¤· Leavenworth, Kansas, five hundred dollars. For mileage to officers when traveling on duty without troops, when M“°°g° *° °°*°°’¤· authorized by law, not to exceed one hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars: Provided, That in disbursing this amount the maximum sum to *’*·>¤i¤¤8— be allowed and paid to an officer shall be four cents per mile, distance auM¤¤im¤m allowto be computed over the shortest usually traveled routes, and in addi- °°‘ tion thereto the cost of the transportation actually paid by the officer over said route or routes, exclusive of parlor-car or sleeping-car fare and transfers: And provided further, That when any officer so traveling shall travel in whole or in part on any railroad on which the troops and supplies of the United States are entitled to be transported free of charge, or over any of the bond-aided Pacific railroads, he shall be al- °¤¤¤‘*¤i•*i¤¤d Meslowed for himself only four cents per mile as a subsistence fund for every mile necessarily traveled over any such railroads: And provided further, That the transportation furnished by the Quartermastefs De- QQ`,'Q,'g,§l°£gjg¤ gg partment to officers traveling without troops shall be limited to trans- pmmm. portation in kind, not including sleeping or parlor car accommodations, over free roads, over bond-aided Pacific railroads, and by conveyance belonging to the said Department. Making in all, for pay and general expenses of the Army, thirteen million two hundred and ninety-nine T°*“l· thousand one hundred and forty-nine dollars and eighty-two cents. _ All the money hereinbefore appropriated shall be disbursed and ac- mfg_ °°""‘*“”° °“° counted for by the Pay Department as pay of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. The pay of officers of the Army may be withheld under section seven- ceK*Q¤*{¤¤¤i¤s ·>¤*— teen hundred and sixty-six of the Revised Statutes on account of an R. Wise. ms, p. indebtedness to the United States admitted or shown by the judgment 3**- of a court, but not otherwise unless upon a special order issued accord- _ ing to the discretion of the Secretary of War. SUBSISTENCE on THE ARMY. S“*’°**°°°°°~ For the purchase of subsistence supplies for issue as rationsto troops, S¤m>¤¤¤· civil employees when entitled thereto, hospital matrons, military convicts at posts, prisoners of war (including Indians held by the Army as prisoners, but for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made), estimated for the fiscal year on the basis often million one hundred and three thousand five hundred and sixty-five rations; for sales to officers and enlisted men of the Army; for authorized extra issue of candles, salt and vinegar; for public animals; for issues to Indians visiting military posts and to Indians employed with the Army without pay, as guides and scouts; for payments for cooked rations for recruiting parties or recruits; for hot coifee, baked beans, and canned beef for troops traveling when it is impracticable to cook their rations; for scales, measures,weights, utensils, tools, stationery, blank books and forms, printing, advertising, commercial newspapers, use of telephones, office furniture; for temporary buildings, cellars, and other means of protecting subsistence supplies (when not provided by the Quartermastefs Department); Von XXV'II——l2