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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 241, 248. 1892. 267 shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War upon hearing the allegations and proofs of the parties in case they shall not agree. Sec. 5. That the structure herein authorized shall be built and lo- S<·>9*°*¤*?’ of “;=}ff<> cated under and subject to such regulations for the security of naviga- appmw P mm B °' tion of said river as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and to secure that object the said company or corporation shall submit to the Secretary of War, for his examination and approval, a design and drawings of said bridge and approaches by land and by water, and a map of the location, giving, for the space of one mile above and one mile below the proposed location, the topography of the banks of the river, the shore lines at high and low water, the direction and strength of the current at all stages, and the souudings, accurately showing the bed of the stream, the location of any other bridge or bridges, and shall iurnish such other information as may be required for a full and satisfactory understanding of the subject; and until the said plan and location of the bridge and approaches thereto are approved by the Secretary of War the bridge shall not be commenced or built, and should any change be made in the plan of said bridge during the process of construction such change shall be subject to the approval of Ch=*¤g•>¤· the Secretary of War; and the said structure shall be at all times so managed and kept as to offer reasonable and proper means for the passage of vessels through or under said structure; and to secure the safe passage of vessels at night there shall be displayed on said bridge, from the hour of sunset to that of sunrise, such lights as may be pre- mgm. scribed by the Light-House Board; and the said structure shall be changed, at the cost and expense of the owners thereof, irom time to time, as the Secretary of War may direct, so as to preserve the free and convenient navigation of said river. Sec. 6. That this act shall be null and void if actual construction of Commpncemeut and the bridge herein authorized be not commenced within one year and °°'”pl°°°'“‘ , completed within three years from the date thereof Sec. 7. That the right to, alter, amend, or repeal this act is hereby A¤¤~>¤<1¤¤¤¤t· expressly reserved. Approved, July 23, 1892. CHAP. 248.-—An act to enforce reciprocal commercial relations between the July 2u1R02. United States and Canada, and for other purposes. "`i“‘··—·" Be it enacted by the Senate and Ho/use of Representatia·es of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, with a view of securing <g=n·:»4lmi» mnais. _ reciprocal advantages for the citizens, ports, and vessels of the United ,-,3;`,$§Q§§Q°Q‘f;§{§;?{f States, on and aiter the iirst day of August, eighteen hundred and :g{¤¢“§l¥=gr>·¤ F=¤U_¤ Uuninety-two, whenever and so often as the President shall be satisiied .-hag.—¤"ii¤ ii§ri.»"if.? that the passage through any canal or lock connected with the naviga- {*;Qf_jjQ_;“Rgf,_r$j,{*‘ tion of the Saint Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, or the water ways by nunea smsé veil' connecting the same, of any vessels of the United States, or of cargoes ’°*“* °'°‘ or passengers in transit to any port of the United States, is prohibited , , __ or is made difficult or burdensome by the imposition of tolls or other- 1°'°”‘m" wise which, in view of the free passage through the Saint Marys Falls Canal, now permitted to vessels of all nations, he shall deem to be reciprocally unjust and unreasonable, he shall have the power, and it shall be his duty, to suspend, by proclamation to that effect, for such time and to such extent (including absolute prohibition) as he shall deem just, the right of free passage through the Saint Marys Falls Canal, so far as it relates to vessels owned by the subjects of the government so discriminating against the citizens, ports, or vessels of the United States, or to any cargoes, portions of cargoes, or passengers in transit to the ports of the government making such discrimination. whether carried in vessels of the United States or of other nations. In such case and during such suspension tolls shall be levied, col- TOM lected, and paid as follows, to wit: Upon freight of whatever kind or r