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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 136. 1893. 459 A. H. Emery for tl1is carriage, and test it, the same to be built, erected, and tested, for a sum not exceeding one hundred and thirty thousand Maximum cm. dollars, which price shall cover the cost of the carriage erected, and including all the powder and projectiles necessary for its preliminary test by the contractor and the fifty additional rounds for proof, to be fired under the direction of said Board of Ordnance and Fortification, and in the presence of the said Board and the inventor, or his authorized agent, due regard being paid to suggestions offered by him with regard to the making of such test; said price also to cover all such repairs, if any, as may become necessary to have the whole carriage in good working order after the test of fifty rounds for proof It shall be constructed on the general plans put before the Board by A. H. Emery, and described by him in his letters to the Board under dates of November sixteenth, and December twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety- two, and January twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three. For the purpose of facilitating the more ready, satisfactory, and quick €<>¤¤¤‘¤¢¤<>¤· construction of this carriage and its foundations, the inventor is at liberty to make any and all changes in the design and specifications for and the construction of this carriage, at any time on or before the completion of the tests, which he thinks are desirable for the utility and use of this carriage or repetitions thereof, or which will facilitate the early completion and successfull test of this carriage, which changes or alterations shall all be made at his expense; but no such changes shall be made which will render the carriage unable to fulfill all the requirements set forth by the Board as necessary to be observed and maintained for the construction and use of this carriage and its foundations in their letters to the inventor of dates August seventeenth and November seventeenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, fixing the engineering conditions, which must be fulfilled and observed in constructing the carriage and its foundations, unless such changes are sanctioned by the Board. Of the price of this contract one hundred and ten thousand dollars shall be for the carriage and foundations erected, including all changes and repairs, and twenty thousand dollars shall be paid the contractor for the preliminary testing of the carriage and the powder and projectiles to be furnished by him for the fifty rounds of proof tests. Of the one hundred and ten thousand dollars to be paid for the car- Payments. riage and its foundations sixty per centnm shall be paid in partial pay- ments as the work progresses, in accordance with the proposals submitted by A. H. Emery to the Board in his letter of January twenty- first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three. Before advancing any part of this sixty per centnm, the contractor shall furnish bonds satisfactory to the Secretary of \\`ar for the return of this money if the carriage is not accepted. The balance of the one hundred and ten thousand dollars shall be paid as soon as the test is completed and the work found to be done according to contract. Of the twenty thousand dollars to be paid for the testing of the carriage, three-eights shall be paid the contractor when the preliminary tests are completed, and the other fiveeighgs shall be paid to him proportionally as the fifty rounds for proof are red. Should anydamage be done to the carriage during these tests by the _D=u¤¤g¤s to car bursting or overloading of the gun which is being fired thereon, or by "“g°‘ other guns or proiectiles being tested such damage shall be made good to the contractor by the Government. This carriage shall raise the gun from loading to firing position R•><1¤ir¤m¤¤¤»- fourteen feet, and shall be able to train the gun for firing at all angles of elevation from minus five degrees elevation to twenty degrees elevation, and to have an all-round fire of three hundred and sixty degrees. For sights for cannon, and for fuses, five thousand dollars. Sishw =·¤d fum- For inspecting instruments, gauges, and templets, for the 111111111- Inspwfinz i¤¤t¤¤· facture of cannon, three thousand dollars. mms' FOP p0W(l8I‘ for issue to service, thirty-five thousand d0ll3I‘S. P°Wd°*·