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FIFTY-SECON D CON GBESS. SEss. II. Ch. 208. 1893. 59] For the United States moiety of the cost of marking the boundary C¤¤¤di¤¤l>¤¤¤·i==·¤v· line between the United States and Canada in Passamoquoddy Bay opposite and adjacent to Eastport, Maine, and for the compensation sanrysa., ttm and expenses of a commissioner on the part of the United States, as "“‘“*°**°'· provided for by the convention of July twenty-second, eighteen hun- 1=m,p.9ss. dred and ninety-two, with Great Britain, five thousand dollars. To meet the share of the United States in annual expenses for the mgggheéiggesygg year ending April first, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, of sustaining Bmmis. S the international bureau at Brussels for the translation and publication of customs tariifs, one thousand three hundred and eighteen dollars and seventy-six cents. _ Pan American Medical Congress: To meet the expenses of entertain- i§“§,;,’};§,§f,‘**"* **‘°‘*‘ ing the foreign delegates who have been invited to attend said Con- . gress in pur uance of the joint resolution of Congress of July eighteenth, {Me. p. 398- eighteen hundred and ninety-two, fifteen thousand dollars. UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR U|¤dgtI¤¢¤¤¤r De rusmc numnmes. *‘°‘*“¤*·¤¤¤*¤¤¤· REPAIRS or BUILDINGS, INTERIOR DEPARTMENT: For repairs of *“P=·*¤·- Interior Department and Pension Buildings, five thousand dollars. ` Fon THE CAPITOL: For work at Capitol, and for general repairs RC¤Pi*:>l- thereof, including wages of mechanics, laborers, and iresco painters, ` twenty thousand dollars. Imrnovmo THE CAPITOL Gnomvns: For continuing the work of °*P“=°*¢*°¤¤·*·· the improvement of the Capitol Grounds and for care of the grounds, one clerk, and the pay of mechanics, gardeners, and laborers, and for artificial stone pavement, twelve thousand dollars. _ _ LIGHTING THE CAPITOL AND GEoUN1>s: For lighting the Capitol mf_;’g_"§_*;_§,.°°P*°°‘ and grounds about the same, including the Botanic Garden, and the ` Senate and House stables· for gas and electric lighting; for use of electric lighting plants in Senate and House wings at not exceeding two hundred dollars per month during the sessions of Congress; pay of superintendent of meters, lamplighters, gas-fitters, and for materials and labor for gas and electric lighting, and for general repairs, twenty- four thousand dollars. That hereafter no employee of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, or ‘£¤v1¤{*cm¤¤a¢¥fPi¤k- similar agency, shall be employed in any Government service or by any ¢..riE.i.§,,§‘ ° °°°"°° officer of the District of Columbia. EXPENSES or THE COLLECTION or EEVENUE Enom SALES or run- S¤l¤·¤fv¤*·¤¤l¤¤·¤ · LIC LANDS. SALARIES AND COMMISSIONS or REGISTERS AND 1zEcE1vE1zs: For §¤¤ri•;¤.~¤l•¢¤r¤ salaries and commissions of registers of land offices and receivers of "` *°°° W"' public moneys at district land offices, at not exceeding three thousand dollars each, five hundred and twenty thousand dollars. And it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to consoli- €¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤•· date the district land offices so as to bring their total compensation for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-four within this appropriation. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF LAND OFFICES: For clerk hire, rent, and cou m 1 ¤ g en ss;. other incidental expenses of the several land offices, one hundred and *’”**’*"°· *‘“*‘* °***°“‘ fifty thousand dollars. EXPENSES or DEPOSITING PUBLIC MONEYs: For expenses of de- Dcroniriug r¤¤¤¤y¤- positing money received from the disposal of public lands, five thousand dollars. I>ErEEDAT1oNs on ronmc rmmm, rnorncrmc PUBLIC LANDS, m'f_*;¤¤gm{,g,g*•;_$_; AND SETTLEMENT or CLAIMS Fon SWAMP LANDs AND SWA.WfP-LAND might,. and saamp- INDEDINITY: To meet the expenses of protecting timber on the public *‘***‘* °*“***°· lands and for the more etllcient execution of the law and rules relating