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40 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 78, 79, 83, 85. 1892. Madison su-an va- to abandon and vacate that part of Madison street, Georgetown, from °""“· the west line of Back street, westwardly to the west line ot Beattie and Y street opened- Hawkins addition to Georgetown; and to open and dedicate Y street at its present width eastwardly from the west line of said addition to Back

 street; Provided however, That the ground in the street so abandoned

R°“"`“‘°“· and vacated shall accrue and belong to the abutting property: A nd provided also, That the ground needed to extend Y street, as aforesaid, nommn. shall be donated to the District for that purpose. Approved, May 25, 1892. May 25, 1892. 79.- An act for thej relief of hgldershpg dralwblapkdcertgficatess issued under _"*'j"'; 81180 0 · 0!lgf8S8 BPPIOVB lll1B BOCOD , Clg Bil lll] B BH 111110 y. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _m»u-ies •r Colm- States of America in Congress assembled, That the drawback certincates

  • "§,,,,,,,,k mm, issued under an act of Congress approved June second, eighteen hun-

<>¤¢¤¤ r¤¤¤iv¤l>1•> f<>¤¤ dred and mnety, shall be received in payment of all general taxes due °‘?;I°£v§ P, 124, pho District of Columbia,-iri)add1Q{£‘§$nTtl4: She antzars or ppxes iblp m"" 'i’“’"“"l°‘ arrl}<§,u2;nItBofI} cates odtgtanding zhadhbe socrgfgivedndmgxg the iiscal year to end June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and the amount not then received shall be receivable for current taxes of and dining the subsequent iiscal year. Approved, May 25, 1892. May ai, 1892. k 83.--An act for oi; litvoaryi-stalble keepers and other persons `_"*”‘j;` OPSOS 3 lV01'y W1 8 0 0 0 11111 18. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United b_Dim·icv of Comm- States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for all "}_‘iv,,,,,,,,,,b;,, km}, persons keeping or boarding any animals at livery within the District ¢jm¤;s¤=;,_=;lych·g·}¤¤¤ ¤¤- of Columbia, under any agreement wrth the owner thereof, to detain g°°' such animals until all charges rmder such agreement for the care, keep, Prana. or board of such animals shall have been paid: Provided, however, That Notice. notice in writing shall iirst be given to such owner in person or his last known place of residence of the amount of such charges and the intentron to detain such ammal or animals until such charges shall be paid. K,,,,,,.c,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,,_ And such persons at any time may maintain an action in- any of the courts of the District of Columbia to enforce such lien and procure a sal; at the anipralsj for the payment of the said keeping and board an e cos o suc ac on. rm in force um Sec. 2. That from the time of giving such notice and while such ”"“°°· horse or horses, animal or animals, are so detained, and no longer, such hvery-stablekeeper or_other person shall have a lieu upon such horse or horses, animal or ammals, for the purpose of satisfying any execution which may be issued upon a Judgment obtained for such charges. Approved, May 31, 1892. Jmw 3_ 1w_ CRAP. 85.-An act making Laredo, Texas, a subport of entry. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United q,,,-,.,,,. q,,-im .,.,1- States of America in Congress assembled, That paragraph three of see.

T""' 2233 f35E2A2E? }.?3£1.‘}.‘}’°.’¥.§‘.§L3°€Yr°“"2i§’*€'*£ °£‘}l° ”£J“°“ S“‘“‘““ ""·

· A so a 1 s a re : 1:. s., . 2s1s, . “Third. The district bf Corpus Christi to co 's ll th te mo,me¤¤1S$. P and shores within the counties of N uecea, ZapaItlaI;mD(i1\?al, (lgrgitnagt Encmal, Webb, LaSalle, McMullen, Live Oak, Bee, Refugio, and San