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862 O0NVENTION—LEEWARD ISLANDS. Arm;. 3, 1889. contain any other articles of mail matter, and to be securely sealed with wax, or otherwise, as may be mutually provided by regulations hereunder. mmm of sacks, ew, Each country shall promptly return empty to the dispatching office by next mail, all such bags and boxes, but subjectto other regulations between the two administrations. P¤¤ki¤s· Although articles admitted under this Convention will be transmitted as aforesaid between the exchange offices, they should be so carefully packed as to be safely transmitted in the open mails of either country, both in going to the exchange office in the country of origin and to the office of address in the country of destination. nemipuvensa. Each dispatch of a parcel post mail must be accompanied by a des- ‘ criptive list, in duplicate, of all the packages sent, showing distinctly the list number of each parcel, the name of the sender, the name of the addressee with address of destination, and the declared contents and value; and must be inclosed in one of the boxes or sacks of such dispatch. (See Form 3 annexed hereto.) Anrrcnn VIII. Rvceipt of mail- As soon as the mail shall have reached the office of destination, that omce shall check the contents of the mail. rma tm. In the event of the parcel bill not having been received a substitute should be at once prepared. E¤¤>¤- Any errors in the entries on the parcel bill which may be discovered should, alter verification by a second omcer, be corrected and noted for report to the dispatching office on a form, *‘ Verification Gerti’1icate,” which hould be sent in the special envelope. c°{;°¤·*°°°*P* °‘ P•*’· If a parcel advised on the bill be not received, after the non-receipt has been verified by a second officer, the entry on the bill should be canceled and the fact reported at once. 1¤¤¤i¤¤i¤¤¤p<>¤¤¤z¤· If a parcel be observed to be insufficiently prepaid, it must not be taxed with deficient postage, but the circumstance mustbereported on the veriiication certificate form. D¤¤¤8¤d P¤*¤¤l¤- Should a parcel be received in a damaged or imperfect condition, full particulars should be reported on the same form. <1<>¤·¤¤t ¤¤¤i1¤- If no verification certiticate or note of error be received, a parcel mail shall be considered as duly delivered, having been found on examination correct in all respects. Anrrcrn IX. F¤i1¤r¤ wdvfiver- If a package cannot be delivered as addressed, or is refused, the sender will be communicated with through the central administration of the office of destination, as to the manner in which he desires the package to be disposed of, and if no reply is received from him within a period of three mouths from the date of the notice, the package may be sold for the benefit of whom it may concern. naimmou, ea. An order for redirection or reforwarding must be accompanied by the amount due for postage necessary for the return of the article to the office of origin, at the ordinary parcel rates. _ nitfmtion of pa. When the contents of a parcel which cannot be delivered are liable "”°” ° °°¤*°¤'·- to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once, if necessary, or if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formality, for the beneiit of the right person, the particulars of each sale being noticed by one post-office to the other. Anricnn X.

°{,{.°,'§§,YT'§gL?F1’°’f" The Post-Oiice Department of either of the contracting countries

will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any package, and no indemnity can consequently be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country.