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874 CON V ENTION—COSTA RICA. JANUARY 4, 1890. Fo,-m N0_ L Fo11m No 1. Parcels Post. " Receipt. I Aparoel addressed as under has been posted here this day. I '—""_`_"I l I Otllce I stamp, . . . . . .. This certificate is given to inform the sender of the posting of a parcel. and does not indicate that any liability in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster General. Form No. 2. Form N0. 2. Parcels post between the United States and Cosfa Rica. C u s t 0 m s declaration. Date Place to which roman or cusrons nzcnAuA·rx0¤. the (parcel is Stamp. ad ressed. Description of _ parcel: [State Total whether box, Contents. Value. Per cent. customs basket, bag, charges. etc.] $ $ I I i.? It I Total ... s I I $ I I I j DMB of p0Stil1g= . . , 18..; signature and address of sender} ’ ‘‘‘' ‘ `‘"‘‘‘· · ········· g?For use of P0st·0tHce only and to be iilled n at the office of exchan e.’ `-.-```.°`’ arcel Bill No .. ; 'o. of rates prepaiqli .,...,,,.,,.. ; Entry gg ______________