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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 144. 1892. 67 Suburban Railway Company," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shall be able to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity within the United States, and may make and have a. common seal. And said corporation is hereby authorized to construct and lay down a single or double track Mnyiny mmksna. railway, as may be approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, with the necessary switches, turn-outs, and other mechanical devices, in the District of Columbia, through and along the following routes: Beginning at the dividing line between the District of Colum- Routesbia and the State of Maryland, on the Bladensburg road, and running Binaennnnng ma. thence along the said road so that the outer rail of said railway shall not be more than five feet from the eastern boundary of said Bladensburg road, to H. street east; thence west on H. street east to Seventh street east, over the tracks of the Columbia Railroad. . Also begirining at the junction of Philadelphia and Twelfth streets Bmnkinna. in Brookland and running south along Twelfth street; thence by such line as may be authorized by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to the intersection of Patterson avenue with the Fairview road; thence along the Fairview, Corcoran and Mt. Olivet roads to Twelfth street extended; thence along Twelfth street extended to the junction of Twelfth street east and Florida avenue. Also beginning at the junction of Frankfort and Twenty-fourth Langdon. streets in Langdon; thence along Twentyfourth street to Cincinnati street; thence along Cincinnati street to and across Chapel road to Lafayette avenue; thence along Lafayette avenue and in line to Capitol street, Ivy City; thence along Capitol street to Mt. Olivet road; thence along Mt. Olivet road to Twelfth street extended. . Also from the intersection of Florida avenue with Twelfth street mpi Washington northeast, to H street northeast, on Twelfth street; thence west on y' H street over the tracks of the Columbia road to Seventh street east; thence south on Seventh street by single track to G street east; thence west on G street by single track to First street west; thence by a route to be laid down by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia across New Jersey avenue to the tracks of the Capitol, North O and South Washington Railroad; thence on the tracks of the last·named road on G street to Fourth street, continuing west on G street west to Fifth street; thence south on Fifth street west, in part over the tracks of the Metropolitan Railroad, to Louisiana avenue; thence southwesterly by double track on Louisiana avenue to a point to be located by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia east of Seventh street west. Returning north-easterly on Louisiana avenue to Fifth street west; thence over the tracks of the Metropolitan Railroad along Judiciary Square to Fourth street west; thence north on Fourth street west by single track to E street west; thence east on E street by single track to Eighth street east; thence north by single track on Eighth street to H street; thence east over the tracks of the Columbia railroad to Twelfth street; thence north on Twelfth street to Florida avenue: Provided, That all P*¤°*¤· of the routes herein mentioned shall be subject to the approval of the b Agrrvval 9f ¤>¤*¢¤ · Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and those portions of said y °m”“°°1°°°”` road between the District line and Florida avenue shall be fully constructed before the cars of the said District of Columbia Suburban ‘ Railroad shall be run over any part of the said route within the limits of the city of \Vashington; Whenever a permanent system of streets and highways shall have been established and laid out in the suburban portion of the District contiguous to the route of this railroad, said company shall, when required by the Commissioners of the District, cause such changes to be made in the location of its tracks as said Commis- C1¤¤¤z¤¤- sioners shall require in order to make the route of said road conform to such streets and highway system. YVherever the route of this road coincides with that of a country road the railway shall be constructed C°“¤*Y *°¤•’°· along and outside of such road. Said company shall keep the space