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CONVENTION-DENMARK. JUNE 15, 189.* 963 Convention between the United States and Denmark for the reciprocal JW, ,5 1,,, protection of trademarks cmd trade labels. Oemclnded at Copenhagen ————+—— June 15, 1892; ratification advised by the Senate July 21, 1892; ratified the President of the United States July 29, 1892; ratijied by the Kong of Denmark September .23, 1892; ratijications eaxchangcd at Copenhagen September 28, 18.92; proclaimed October 12, 1892. BY THE PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIOA. A PBOCLAMATION. Whereas a Convention between the United States of America and mmm. the Kingdom of Denmark for the reciprocal protection of Trade-Marks and TradeLabe1s was signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at the City of Copenhagen, on the fifteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Danish languages, is word for word as follows: GONVENTION. KONvENT10N. With a view to secure for the For at sikkre Iiidustridrivendei Trade-Marks_ in manufacturers in the United States de Forenede Stater af Amerika og §,,,‘¥‘,,§'{'k ‘"° Umm of America, and those in Denmark, i Danmark 'ensidig Beskyttelsc the reciprocal protection of their af deres Fabrik- og Varemacrker, ' Trade Marks and Trade Labels, have undertegnede, efter dertil the Undersigned, duly authorised at have erholdt behorig Bemyndito that etlect, have agreed on the gelse, vedtaget f¢1gende Bestemfollowing dispositions. melser. ARTICLE I. AEMKEL I. The subjects or citizens of each Enhver af de hoje kontraherende Rmpmd ,,gm,,,,, of the High Contracting Parties Parters Undersaater eller Borgere gum ¤f mh ¤¤¤¤· shall in the Dominions and Pos- skulle paa den anden Parts Terri ` sessions of the other have the same torier og Besiddelser nydc samnie rights as belong to native subjects Rettigheder som Landets egne or citizens, in everything relating Undersaatter eller Borgcre med to Trade Marks and Trade Labels Hensyn til Alt, hvad der vedryircr of every kind. Fabrik- eller Varenneker. Provided, always, that in the Dog kunne Danske Undersaat United States the subieets of Den- ter i de Forenede Stuter og bemark, and in Denmark,theoitizons mcldte Staters Borgere i Danmark ot' the United States of America, ikke nyde disse Rettigheder i et cannot enjoy these rights to a storre Omfang eller i et lzengero greater extent or lor a longer pe- Tidsrum end i deres eget Land. riod of time than in their native country. AnT1cLE II. ABTIKEL II. Any person in either country de- En Person i et af de to Laude, Regan-sam siring grotection of his Trade Mark der maatte onske Beskyttelse for in the ominions of the other must sit Varemaarke paa det andets Ter-