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1212 convnnrron-cniiu. MARCH 17, 1894. as in said Acts provided, with a view of ailording them better protection, the Chinese Government will not object to the enforcement of such acts, and reciprooally the Government of the United States recognizes the right of the Government of China to enact and enforce similar laws R¤zi·'¤·s* i¤ Chim- or regulations for the registration, free of charge, of all laborers, skilled or unskilled, (not merchants as denned by said Acts of Congress), c1t1- zens of the United States in China, whether residing within or without the treaty ports. _ tismpnnai sam And the Government of the United States agrees that within twelve $},§},f§‘§fe'j{ °“""‘“"’° months from the date of the exchange of the ratifications of this Convention, and annually, thereafter, it will furnish to the Government of China registers or reports showing the full name, age, occupation and number or place of residence of all other citizens of the United States, including missionaries, residing both within and without the treaty ports of China, not including, however, diplomatic and other omcers of the United States residing or travelling in China upon official business, together with their body and household servants. Anrronn VI. D¤r¤ti¤¤· This Convention shall remain in force for a period of ten years begin- _ ning with the date of the exchange of ratifications, and, if six months before the expiration of the said period of ten years, neither Government shall have formally given notice of its iinal termination to the other, it shall remain in full force for another like period of ten years. In faith whereof, we, the respective plenipotentiaries, have signed this Convention and have hereunto aiiixed our seals. Sizmum. 18g)4ene, in duplicate, at Washington, the 17th day of March, A. D. WALTER Q. GBESHAM san., YANG YU lsnunl nxcimgs or mm- And whereas the said Convention has been duly ratified on both °"“°"“· parts, and the ratiiications of the two Governments were exchanged in the city of Washington on the 7th day of December one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four. p,,,,,h.,,,,¤.,,,_ Now, therefore, be it known that I, Grover Cleveland, President of the United States of America, have caused the said Convention to be made public to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the _ seal of the United States to be allixed. Done at the City of Washington this 8th day of December, [SELL.] in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and mnety—iour, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and nineteenth. _ GBOVER CLEVELAND By the President: W. Q. GRESHAM ` Secretary of State.