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O 130 FIFTY-THIRD CON GRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 165. 1894. P¤l>li<= *¤*l¤· PUBLIC WoRKs—BnnnAU on YARDS AND Docxs, NAVY-YARDS AND STATIONS, NAVAL Aomnnrr, AND Nnw NAVAL Ossnnvlnonr. Mm. _ NAVY—YARD, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: For electric light plant, fifteen thousand dollars. NW Y¤*- NAVY-YARD, BROOKLYN, NEW Yonxz For caisson for granite dock, thirty~five thousand dollars; for renewing buildings numbered one hundred and fourteen, one hundred and fifteen, and one hundred and sixteen (C. and R.), seventy thousand dollars; for grading, paving, and laying of sewers, ten thousand dollars; for quay wall inside of ` Whitney basin, twenty-tlve thousand dollars; in all, one hundred and forty thousand dollars. rages num. N AVY-YARD, LEAGUE ISLAND, PENNSYLVLNIAZ For continuation of sea wall, twenty thousand dollars; for completion of shear legs, eleven thousand nine hundred dollars; for an electric—1ight plant, ten thousand dollars;. to complete east dry-dock pier, forty thousand dollars, to be immediately available; in all, eighty-one thousand nine hundred dollars. wnmngmn. NAVY-YARD, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: For extension of yard wall through marsh, twenty-four thousand six hundred and ninety-three dollars; retaining wall for, and raising lower floor, store numbered ten, ten thousand nine hundred and fifteen dollars; locomotive wrecking crane, seven thousand five hundred dollars; completing conversion ·of inold·loft building into forge shop, six thousand nine hundred and thirty-six dollars; in all, fifty thousand and forty-four dollars. » Nmtin. NAVY·YARD, Nonroms, VIRGINIA: For extension of electric plant, eight thousand dollars; for sewers, drains, and water-closets in offices ’ and shops, fifteen thousand dollars; for continuing quay wall, fifteen thousand dollars. Newstmhwn For the construction of a fireproof storehouse to replace the storehouse building numbered fifteen, destroyed by fire in December, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, seventy-twothousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars and seventy-seven cents; in all, one hundred and ten thousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars and seventy- seven cents. YM RM1- NAVAL S·rAr1oN, Pour ROYAL, Sonrrz CAROLINA! For repairs to _ main wharh eighteen thousand three hundred and sixtyeight dollars. Mfgfgggf “’ ·’“"“' For paying Justin McCarthy, contractor for building the dry dock at Port Royal, South Carolina, in full for loss and damage caused by the cyclone of August twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, as ascertained by the Navy Department, eighteen thousand five hundred and twenty-one dollars and forty-two cents. ·¤¤*¤¤· dry °°°"· Dry dock at Algiers, Louisiana: For the purpose of completing the purchase of additional lands necessary for the establishment of a dry dock at Algiers, Louisiana, cost of advertising, plans and specifications for said dry dock, and expenses of judicial proceedings instituted for _ the condemnation of such additional lands, twenty-three thousand and twenty five dollars and three cents. . . ““° m°¤'*· NAVY-YARD, MARE ISLAND, CALIFORNIA: For extending yard railroads, eighteen thousand three hundred and thirty-two dollars; for navy-yard roads, five thousand dollars; for shed over galvanizing plant (C. and R.), three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; for cottage for electrician, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven dollars; in all, twenty-nine thousand and nineteen dollars. Tus- For the construction of a steam tug at Mare Island Navy Yard, California, for the use of said yard, fifty thousand dollars.

  • §*§S‘;·°*‘· DRY Doon, Pronr Sonrm [NAVAL STATION], WASHINGTON
    • For

PS, ;°_,,,_ artesian wells, three thousand five hundred dollars; to defray the ' expenses incurred prior to September sixteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, in boi ing test wells. recording titles and deeds, perfecting titles, and in connection with the purchase of the Puget Sound dry