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210 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 174. 1894. m;i:`s!s‘¢:¢:;s¤:°¤r_t;- Sec. 13. tltefoze tgamgisdon to th; of theslgleasgrlyl, tlge I,,,.,,,.,.` accounts o is ric a me assis n a e s, m s, mi - s°i°.i°¤?1i;.D° ‘ sioners, clerks, and other ogsoiers of the courts of the_United States, except consular courts, madelout and approved as required by law, and accounts relating to prisoners oonvic or held for trial in any court of the United States, and allother accounts relatinlg to the business of the Department of Justice or of the_ courts of the mted States other than consular courts, shall be sent with their vouchers to the Attorney- General and examined under his supervision. _ _ i;.,,.;;.;,,,.,-..¤..e Judges receiving salaries from the Treasury of the United States ••¤¤·•· M shall be paid moptxhly lliy the disbupsipg ouicer of the lgepartment o; Justic andtoa °ca o nona sence oro ecauseo absen; of judges in the Territories shall be sent. Interstate Commerce Commissioners and other officers, now paid as judges are, shall be paid monthly by the proper disbursing officer or officers. _ lxnnhnhau or eu- Sm. 14. In thecase of claims presented to anAuditor which have not ¤*¤ °“¤ had an adminisimalgvle exami.n;»1tionathe(Audit(¢;r sliall pause] t12e1m to be ‘ examinedb twoo issuhorin epen entyo eac 0 er. mm senses re Sec. 15. hz shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury annu-

j,,°{,{,°,,_?°*¤"""°" ally to lay_ before Congress, on the ilrst day of the regular session

thereof, an accurate, combined statement of the receipts and expenditures during the last preceding iiscal year of all public moneys, includ- Eg thosetof tllie Po2t0i’licte Dlepar)t;’nentz decsiggiatiing tl5eSaémt2Smtu<g` ereee1ps,wenevrprac ca pors, isric ,an , the expenditures, by each separate head of appropriation. ‘ mmm ann. S20. 16. In section three hundred and seven of the Revised Statutes _§·.“,•f°· ""· ¤* "· thlgcwords “Seucrctary of the Treasury" are substituted. for the words “ gister o e Treasury. · csuryhghumy Sec. 17. The transcripts from_ the books and proceedings of the "{‘§f·,';‘?,,,, ,_m_ Department of the Treasury, provided for in section eight hundred and ·¤¤¤¤·1¤¢ eighty-six of the Revised Statutes, shall hereafter be certiiied by the P·•*·¤°°°· Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and the copies of contracts and other papers therein provided for shall be certified by the Auditor having the custody of such papers. cmmu. Suc. 18. Section thirty-seven hundred and forty-three of the Revised Statutes is amended to read as follows: rt be sas wml “SEc. 3743. All contracts to he made, by virtue of any law and

  • ‘§_‘§ff‘Q§°_,,,_,_,,_,,,_ requiring the advance of money, or in any manner connected with thi!

•¤¤¤·¤·¤· settlement of public accounts, shall be deposited promptly in the offices of the Auditors of the Treasury, accordingto the nature of the con- 6%*- tracts: Provided, That this section shall not apply to the existing laws '°°°°` in regard to the contingent funds of Congress! Customs accountsé Sec. 19. Section twenty-six hundred and thirty-nine of the Revised m,,$i°°§?'m°’ P'5Statutes is amended by substituting the words “proper Audit0l‘” fo1‘ the words “Commissioner of Customs." u;·P•¤· •:_ •¤· SEO. 20. It shall be the duty of the collectors of customs and other P'" officers of customs to transmit, with their accounts, to the omcers charged with the settlement of their accounts, all such papers, records, 211; ctépies thereotf trlelagzig to their transactions as officers of customs 88 e ecretary o e easu ma irect. nsvumtrmsua Sec. 21. All accounts statlgi byythe Auditors before the iirst day of pubs 0°°1’ ls"' 06h0b0i', eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and then pending for B0i7U16· ment in the odlces of the First or Second Comptroller, or the Commissioner of Customs, shall be revised by the Comptroller of the Treasury all the malnriler) providuegd by exisigng law, and the balances glislilg ereon s e cethe ivision of Bookkeeping an arrants. Secrets5y st rms 81:0.22. It shall be the du of the Secreta of the Treas to make $2:mismh M Blrpfcpriatc rules and reguliitions for car;-ylisiig out the pihlrisious of this Act, and for transferring or preserving books, papers, or other property appertaining to any office or branch of business adected by it.