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288 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 290. 1894. ,I¤di·¤ ¤·s¤¤*¤—C°¤· At the Western Shoshone Agency, Nevada, one thousand five hun- °m°°°l` dred dollars; ~ _ At the White Earth Agency, Minnesota, one thousand eight hundred dollars- . At the Yakima Agency, Washington, one thousand eight hundred dollars; At the Yankton Agency, South Dakota, one thousand six hundred dollars- At tlie Quapaw Agency, Indian Territory, one thousand four hundred dollars: www-_ Provided, That the foregoing appropriations shall not take eifect nor Ailfnit addltagii T; become available in any case for or during the time in which any officer ·z¤¤L- of the Army of the United States shall be engaged in performance of the duties of Indian Agent at any of the agencies above named: Pro- S¤1»¤ri¤¤¤¤·1¤¤¢¤ <>f vided, further, That the, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the mhff my ““° ” approval of the Secretary of the Interior, may devolve the duties of any Indian agency upon the superintendent of the Indian training · school located at such agency, whenever in his judgment such superin- · tendent can properly perform the duties of such agency. And the superintendent upon whom such duties devolve shall give bond as other Indian agents; in all, eighty-six thousand six hundred dollars and here ` after the annual salaries of the several Indian agents shall be as pro} vided for in this Act. ram-pmm. For the payment of necessary interpreters, to be distributed in the ‘ discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, ten thousand dollars; but no person employed by the United States and paid for any other service shall be paid for interpreting. www- For pay of five Indian inspectors, at two thousand five hundred dollars per annum each, twelve thousand hve hundred dollars. 'r¤v¤u¤g•¤1>¤¤¤¤· For necessary traveling expenses of nve Indian inspectors, including telegraphing and incidental expenses of inspection and investigation, seven thousand dollars. “§g0r·;ri¤*~¤·i<=¤* of d Sor pay of one superintendent of Indian schools, three thousand o ars. Tnvvlkigcxpvuses- For necessary tI3VOH11g 6Xp€I1SBS of ODS superintendent of Indian schools, including telegraphiug and incidental expenses of inspection {gg3v;;; and investigation, one thousand dollars: Provided, That he shall be ` allowed three dollars per day lor traveling expenses when actually on duty in the field, exclusive of cost of transportation and sleepingcar com um". rare: And pmvided, That he shall perform such other duties as may be imposed upon him by the Commissioner of Indian Ailairs, subject to _ the approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

  • ¤°°°{ "“"‘“°¤°· For buildings and repair of buildings at agencies, forty-four thousand

Fm S‘¤¤*·M<·¤*· dollars, nineteen thousand dollars to be used for Fort Shaw Reservation and Indian Industrial School, Montana. - €<>¤¤i¤:r¤¢¤¤v¢¤·¤¢¤- For contingencies of the Indian service, including traveling and incidental expenses of Indian agents, and of their offices, and of the Commissioner of Indian Ailairs, also traveling and incidental expenses of five special agents, at three dollars per day when actually employed on duty in the field, exclusive of transportation and sleeping—car fare, in lieu of all other expenses now authorized bylaw; for pay of employees not otherwise provided for, and for pay of five special agents, at two thousand dollars per annum each, forty thousand dollars. Citizen commission. For the expenses of the commission of citizens, serving without compensation, appointed by the President under the provisions of the V·>l· l°·v··¤*· fourth section of the Act of April tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty. pine, to supervise the purchase of Indian supplies, four thousand dollars.