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542 FIFTYTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 349. 1894. F§¤?li¤°T`Q;{¤;;¥;¤¤d- 555. Mineral waters, all not artificial, and mineral salts of the same, mmobtained by evaporation, when accompanied by duly authenticated certificate, showing that they are in no way artincially prepared, and are the product of a designated mineral spring; lemonade, soda-water, and all similar waters. 556. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially provided for in this Act. 557. Models of inventions and of other improvements in the arts, including patterns for machinery, but no article shall be deemed a model or pattern which can be fitted for use otherwise. Molmes 557 5. Molasses testing not above forty degrees polariscope test, and _ containing twenty per centum or less of moisture. 558. Moss, seaweeds, and vegetable substances, crude or unmannfactured, not otherwise specially provided for in this Act. ` 559. Musk, crude, in natural pods. 560. Myrobolan. 561. Needles, hand-sewing and darning. 562. Newspapers and periodicals; but the term “periodicals" as herein used shall be understood to embrace only unbound or papercovered publications, containing current literatureof the day and issued regularly at stated periods, as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 564. Nux vomica. \ 565. Oakum. 566. Ocher and ochery earths, sienna and sienna earths, umber and umber earths, not specially provided for in this Act, dry. 567. Oil cake. . Om- 568. 01Ls: Almond, amber, crude and rectified ambeigris, anise or anise seed, aniline, aspic or spike lavender, bergamot, cajeput, caraway, cassia, cinnamon, cedrat, chamomile, citronella or lemon grass, civet, cotton seed, croton, fennel, Jasmine or Jasimine, Juglandium, Juniper, lavender, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange flower, entleurage grease, nut oil or oil of nuts not otherwise specially provided for in this Act, orange oil,·olive oil for manufacturing or mechanical purposes unfit for eating and not otherwise provided for in this Act, ottar of roses, palm and cocoanut, rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum seed or bean, thyme, origanum red or white, valerian; and also sper- · maceti, whale, and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all iish and other products, of such fisheries; petroleum, crude or refined: P*;{$;{:gh_,r0",c0un_ Provided, That if there be imported into the United States crude try imposing amy. petroleum, or the products of crude petroleum produced in any country which imposes a duty on petroleum or its products exported from the United States, there shall be levied, paid and collected upon said crude petroleum or its products so imported, forty per centum ad valorem. 569. Opium, crude or unmanufactured, and not adulterated, containing nine per centum and over of morphia. 570. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved, candied, or otherwise prepared. 571. Orchil, or orchil liquid. 573. Ores, of gold, silver, and nickel, and nickel matte. _ _ 574. Osmium. P“‘”°*"¥*’· °*°· Paintings, in oil or water colors, original drawings and sketches, D8_ _ _ and artists’ proofs of etchings and engravings, and statuary, not other- “““‘°“" wise provided for in this Act, but the term *‘ statuary” as herein used shall be understood to include only professional productions, whether round or in relief, in marble, stone, alabaster, wood, or metal, of a statuary or sculptor, and the word "painting,” as used in this Act, shall not be understood to include such as are made wholly or in part by stenciling or other mechanical process. 576. Palladium. 57 7. Paper stock, crude, of every description, including all . grasses, fibers, rags, waste, shavings, clippings, old paper, rope ends, waste