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FIFTY-THIli.D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 349. 1894. 545 636. Spurs and stilts used in the manufacture of earthen, porcelain, F¤>¤¤¤¤—¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· 7 and stone ware. c316g3ié. Stamps: Foreign postage or revenue stamps, canceled or uncan- 638. Stone and sand: Burr stone in blocks, rough or manufactured, or bound up into millstones; cliff stone, unmanufactured, pumice stone, rotten stone, and sand, crude or manufactured. . ° 639. Storax or styrax. 640. Strontia, oxide oi, and protoxide of strontian, and strontianite, or mineral carbonate of strontia. 642. Sulphur, lac or precipitated, and sulphur or brimstone, crude, in bulk, sulphur ore, as pyrites, or sulphuret of iron in its natural state, containing in excess of twenty-ive per centum of sulphur, and sulphur not otherwise provided for. 643. Sulphuric acid: Provided, That upon snlphuric acid imported S¤\1>1;¤ri¤¤<>i•1· irom any country,whether independent or a dependency, which imposes Q"}';}".;;,.,,,,,,.,,, im. a duty upon sulphuric acid exported hom the United States, there shall P¤§;;g2{,mv¤5¤;s¤7d¤*¥· be levied, and collected the rate of duty existing prior to the passage'P' ' of this Act. 644. Sweepings of silver and gold. 645 Tallow and wool grease, including that known commercially as degras or brown wool grease. 646. Tapioca, cassava or cassady. · 647. Tar and pitch of wood, and pitch of coal tar. 648. Tea and tea plants. 650. Teeth, natural, or unmanufactured. 651. Terra alba. 652. Terra japonica. 653. Tin ore, cassiterite or black oxide of tin, and tin in bars, blocks, pigs, or grain or granulated. 654. Tinsel wire, lame, or lahn. 655. Tobacco stems. W. Tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans. 657. Tripoli. 658; Turmeric. 659. Turpentine, Venice. 660. Turpcntine, spirits of. 661. Turtles. 4 662. Types, old, and fit only to be remanufactured. 663. Uranium, oxide and salts of. 664. Vaccine virus. · 665. Valonia. 666. Verdigris, or subacetate of copper. 667. Waters, unmedicated, and not edible. 668. Wax, vegetable or mineral. 669. Wearing apparel and other personal effects (not merchandise) WMM: ¤1>1>¤r¤1· of persons arriving in the United States; but this exemption shall not be held to include articles not actually in use and necessary and appropriate for the use of such persons for the purposes of their journey and present comfort and convenience, or which are intended for any other person or persons, or for sale. 671. Whalebone, unmanufactured. Woon: wm. 672. Logs, and round unmanufactured timber not specially enumerated or provided for in this Act. 673. Firewood, handle bolts, heading bolts, stave bolts, and shingle bolts, hop poles, fence posts, railroad ties, ship timber, and ship plankiug, not specially provided for in this Act. _ 674. Timber, hewn and sawed, and timber used for spars and in building wharves. 675. Timber, squared or sided. s·r.·u·-von xxvm—35