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FIFTYTHIRD CONGRESS. Sess. ll. Ch. 57. 1894. 53 AR1‘ICLE 7. im. v. The two governments shall take measures to control the iitness of Skillof nstmm. the men authorized to engage in fur-seal fishing; these men shall have been proved iit to handle with sufficient skill the weapons by means of which this fishing may be carried on. Anrrcrn 8. A’*· 8- The regulations contained in the preceding articles shall not apply m.1.n.gtyn..n. to Indians dwelling on the coast of the territory of the United States or of Great Britain, and carrying on fur-seal iishing in canoes or undecked boats not transported by or used in connection with other vessels and propelled wholly by paddles, oars or sails and manned by not more than five persons each in the way hitherto practiced by the Indians, provided such Indians are not in the employment of other persons and provided that, when so hunting in canoes or undecked boats, they shall not hunt fur seals outside of territorial waters under contract for the delivery of the skins to any person.Mum, al laws M This exemption shall not be construed to affect the municipal law of seems. P either country, nor shall it extend to the waters of Behring Sea or the waters of the Aleutian Passes. E 1 t f I Nothing herein contained is intended to interfere with the employ- .n.if§¥° °ym°° ° °` ment of Indians as hunters or otherwise in connection with fur sealin g vessels as heretofore. ARTICLE 9. A"‘°‘ The concurrent regulations hereby determined with a view to the ,,,f,§’,',§f§f“‘“°° °"°" protection and preservation of the fur seals, shall remain in force until they have been, in whole or in part, abolished or modified by common agreement between the governments of the United States and of Great Britain. The said concurrent regulations shall be submitted every live years M°'”“°‘“°"'· to a new examination, so as to enable both interested governments to consider whether, in the light of past experience, there is occasion for any modification thereof. New therefore, be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That no citizen bf§f{*,g¤,,°g°,;,g§_•j;'; of the United States, or person owing the duty of obedience to the an- rm-»m.¤. laws or the treaties of the United States, nor any person belonging to '°“·P·m*· or on board of a vessel of the United States, shall kill, capture, or pur- . sue, at any time, or in any manner whatever, outside of territorial ,,mh,,m__, M_ waters, any fur seal in the waters surrounding the Pribilov Islands ` within a zone of sixty geographical miles (sixty to a degree of latitude) PM r- M around said islands, exclusive of the territorial waters. Sec. 2. That no citizen of the United States, or person above de- ,.¤€*}‘,”_§§‘,‘j;;;’,f,°;’;}' scribed in section one of this act, nor any person belonging to or on in part of rmsé board of a vessel of the United States, shall kill, capture, or pursue, in °°°““ "’°°‘"’"*"" any manner whatever, during the season extending from the first day of May to the thirty-first day of July, both inclusive, in each year, any hir seal on the high seas outside of the zone mentioned in section one, and in that part of the Pacific Ocean, including Behring Sea, A~···*¤¤¢·¤*· which is situated to the north of the thirtyfifth degree of north latitude and to the east of the one hundred and eightieth degree of longitude iijom Greenwich till it strikes the water boundary described in article one of the treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty- seven, between gre United States and Russia, and following that line up to Bebring traits. Sec. 3. N0 citizen of the United States or person above described, wE°;}{:g in the nrst section of this Act, shall, during the period and in the' waters in which by section two of this Act the killing of fur seals is not prohibited, use or employ any vessel, nor shall any vessel of the United States be used or employed, in carrying on or taking part in furseal fishing operations, other than a ailing vessel propelled by sails