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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. SEss. III. Ch. 177. 1895. 805 The Commissioner of Labor is hereby authorized to prepare and pub- . Lebcr b¤11¤¢i¤i=•>l>¤· lish a bulletin of the Department of Labor, as to the condition of labor 1"°°d' in this and other countries, condensations of State and foreign labor _ reports, facts as to conditions of employment, and such other facts as may be deemed of value to the industrial interests of the country, and there shall be printed one edition of not exceeding ten thousand copies Editicn. of each issue of said bulletin for distribution by the Department of Labor. _ JUDICIAL. Judiciai. SUPREME Connie: For the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of §ggg;g: °¤¤¤’*· the United States, ten thousand five hundred dollars; and for eight ' associate justices, at ten thousand dollars each; For marshal of the Supreme Court of the United States, three thou- M°*'¤**°l· sand dollars;‘ For stenographic clerk for the Chief Justice and for each associate Clcrkc tc.i¤¤¢ic<a- justice of the Supreme Court, at not exceeding one thousand six hundred dohars each; in all, one hundred and seven thousand nine hundred e dollars. Cm.cUm· comzrsz For ten circuit judges, to reside in circuit, at six °i"°“‘”’“d$°“· thousand dollars each, sixty thousand dollars. CIRCUIT cotmr or APPEALS: For twelve additional circuit judges, Circuit com of npat six thousand dollars each; "°‘°“* *““g°“‘ For nine clerks, at three thousand dollars each; in all, ninety-nine cum. thousand dollars: Provided, That said clerks shallmake annually within gggrkcc-f f thirty days after the thirtieth day of June to-the Secretary of the Treas- um ° °°°' °"" . ury a return of all costs collected by them in cases disposed of during the preceding year by said courts, and after deducting the incidental , expenses of their respective offices, including clerk hire and their compensation as provided by section nine of the Act of March third, eight- Vci- 2¤.D·829- een hundred and ninety-one, establishing the circuit court of appeals, not exceeding five hundred dollars, said expenses to be certified by the senior circuit judge of the proper circuit, shall pay any surplus of such costs that may remain into the Treasury of the United States at the time of making said returns: Provided further, That eachcircuit court Allcwncc for law of appeals shall be entitled to retain and have expended, under the b°°k°‘ direction of theAttorney-General, for law books for its use one-half of such surplus accrued therein for the tiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-six. Coeur or Pnrvxrn LAND CLAIMS: For chief justice and four asso- L£1*g*(jq“*;;]f**'**° ciate justices, at five thousand dollars each ; _ ` For clerk, two thousand dollars; For stenographer, one thousand five hundred dollars; For attorney, three thousand five hundred dollars; For interpreter and translator, one thousand five hundred dollars; in all, thirty-three thousand five hundred dollars. For deputy clerks, as authorized by law, so much therefor as may be necessary. _ That section nineteen of an Act entitled "An Act to establish a §’.,‘}}f.j{,";,"j’g‘},§,_"’°°""· court of private land claims, and to provide for the settlement of private- ` land claims in certain States and Territories/’ approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, is hereby amended so as to read as follows: “SEc. 19. That the powers and functions of the court established by w‘f]‘{)‘}_;°3f°,ggg¤° Dt this Act shall cease and determine on the thirty-first day of December,' ` eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, and all papers, tiles, and records in the possession of said court belonging to any other public office of the United States shall be returned to such office, and all other papSI‘S, mg{‘l;§1”,;’,f§;;0;°,}’; tiles, and records in the possession of or appertaining to said court shall Wim:. be returned to and filed in the Department of the Interior?