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874 FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 187. 1895. Cggigxnmwdw That the proceeds of sales of the property of the United States, made 'Receipts from sales by the International Boundary Commission provided for by the con- , §_f}’,$,fg°,f,§fQQp‘}§,§j,?f‘ vention of July twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and VoL22,p.9U$. the convention: of February eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty- v°l‘2°‘*"“°3‘ nine, between the United States and Mexico, shall revert to the appropriations for the execution of the engagements of said conventions and be applied to the purposes for which said appropriations were made and shall not be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts as 1},1;-. ¤¤¤=·- $611 3618. provided for by sections thirty-six hundred and seventeen and thirty- " six hundred and eighteen of the Revised Statutes. w§•:*·::¤t;°°_jg2;; by Sec. 3. That for the payment of the following claims certfiled to be g due by the several accounting officers of the Treasury Department under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the V°*- ”‘·1*u°· Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-ibur, and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and prior years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certihed to Congress ` v¤1.2a, ,).2:.4. under section two of the Act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, as fully set forth in Senate Executive Document Numbered One hundred and two, Fifty-third Congress, third session, there is appropriated as follows: Tgf;gDjggc;{ CLAIMS REPORTEDUDITI FOR THE TREAS- conungentexpcnsu- For contingent expenses, Treasury Department, freight, telegrams, and soforth, two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars and nine cents. ‘ ¤¤¤¢·>¤¤¤ r¤v¤¤¤¤· For collecting the revenue from customs, two hundred and nine dollars and sixty-one cents. R¤>r¤ri¤si¤¤r¤¤¤¤- For repayment to importers excess of deposits, one thousand one hundred and twenty-one dollars and sixty-three cents. Q¤"’*¤*i¤°· **°"‘l°°· For quarantine service, seventy-seven dollars and eighty cents. ‘ R¤*¤¤¤i¤s ¤·=¤¤· For refunding taxes illegally collected (internal revenue), thirtyfive _ dollars and fourteen cents. ucR,f,{’{}£;g;*"·· i’“"‘ For repairs and preservation of public buildings, three hundred and thirty-tive dollars and four cents. W€£_¤i;·;¤- x;?;;?' l" CLAIMS REPORTED BY THE AUDITOR FOR THE NYAR P"DEPARTMENT. xm.,-. pay. For pay, and so forth, of the Army, one thousand six hundred and eighty-one dollars and ninety-one cents. R¤··¤·i¤i¤¤— For expenses of recruiting, three dollars and fifteen cents. T¤·¤¤¤i»¤r¤·¤<>¤· For transportation of the Army and its supplies, four dollars and seventy-eight cents. m$;g·l*•‘¤* l’•=P*" * · For Medical and Hospital Department, two hundred and sixty dollars. nm-ma and mm. For barracks and quarters, fortysix. dollars and sixtysix cents.

  • °;‘;,,m em c,,,,mS_ For horses and other property lost in the military service, five hun-

' i dred and nineteen dollars and fifty-nine cents. ,,;»;:·;¤,;,,;;*;g;;g;_’··* crnuawrs nnronrnn nr run Anniron ron run xxvr ` DEPARTMENT. xmwty. For pay of the Navy, two thousand two hundred and thirty-two dollars and eighty-five cents. _ nnmge. For mileage, Navy, Graham decision: For the payment of claims ibiditlerence betn een actual expenses and mileage allowed under the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Graham versus The United States, two thousand four hundred and forty-five dollars and thirteen cents.