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FIFTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 188. 1895. 903 suspend action under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved Remeyl ·>f,i¤t·¤¤•i- March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three (twentyseventh Stat- °nir¢ii?°2·F;‘is4i. utes, six hundred and forty-one), ratiiying the agreement with the Cherokee Nation of December nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety- one, as to the actual removal from the Cherokee country of persons designated by the authorities as intruders, until the appraisal of the value of the improvements of such persons shall have been completed ‘ and approved by the Secretary of the Interior and submitted by him to Congress and the removal of such intruders shall not be made earlier than January first, eighteen hundred and ninety-six: Provided, That 5MM- _ whenever any intruder shall have been paid or tendered the appraised im,,;},'; ;‘i..`Z,°,.€Z`d,,iY{ value of his improvements, if he does not immediately surrender posses- ¤*¤'*°¤°°¤>d· sion of the same to the authorities of the Cherokee Nation he shall pay rent therefor at the rate usual in the country, but this provision shall not beconstrned to extend the timefor the removal of intruders according to the foregoingagreement beyond the first day of January, eightcen hundred and ninetysix. . , That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, directed to Sw rmi Fvxes ¤f examine the claim of the Sac and Fox Indians of Mississippi, now resid- MZ;°f£;"}£{‘.n¤,iti,, ing in the State of Iowa, as set forth in their memorial presented to °° *>°°¤¤¤*¤¤d· Congress( Senate Miscellaneous Document Numbered Forty-eight,Fifty- third Congress, third session), for the payment of annuities and other sums from the tribal funds of said Sac and Fox Indians of Mississippi and any and all claims of that portion of the tribe residing in Iowa, and to ascertain whether, under any treaties or Acts of Congress, any amount is justly due them as a portion of said tribeirom those of said tribe now in Oklahoma by reason of any unequal distribution of tribal annuities, land funds, or funds from other sources, and if so, how much, giving full opportunity to all parties in interest to be heard, and to - report his conclusions to Congress at the next assembling thereof To pay, out of any money in the Treasurynot otherwise appropriated, ¥¤•*¤¤¤ of to the Indiana Miami Indians residing in the State of Indiana or else- nspiymsm nuwhere, the sum of forty-eight thousand five hundred and twenty-eight "'“d‘*"k°"· dollars and thirty-eight cents, which said sum of money was by the United States taken from their tribal funds against their protest, and in violation of the treaty of eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and paid to other persons not entitled to it; which facts have been found and determined by the Court of Claims, in Congressional case numbered nine thousand two hundred and fifty-five, and reported to Congress, which sum shall be immediately available: Provided, however, That f,’:°"‘;•:£ 0, mM__ before the payment of any part of said sum to said Indians there shall usydinm. be deducted and paid to the attorney of record in the Court of Claims. employed by said Indians under an agreement heretofore approved by the Secretary of the Interior and the Commissioner of Indian Aiiairs, the sum so approved by the Secretary and Commissioner, not exceeding ten per centum of said amount: And provided further, That said sum spam agent no shall be paid to the Indians entitled to receive the same by a special “"‘ "*"’Y“‘°“" agent appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, and shall be distributed to said Indians under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. That section twenty-one hundred and thirty-nine of the Revised gggmjkifgdgglh fOr_ Statutes of the United States, as amended by the Act of July twenty- taaasu. q third, eighteen hundred and ninety-two (Twenty-seven Statutes, two "`°‘· ”· ’· 2"°· hundred and sixty), be, and the same is hereby, extended over and made applicable to the town and town site of Miami in the Indian Territory; and the United States courts of said Territory shall have full jurisdiction thereof · SUPPORT OF scnoons. S¤rr<>¤ ¤f ¤¤1¤<><»1¤· For support of Indian day and industrial schools, and for other edu- my and imiusu-mi. cational purposes, including the purchase, lease, repair, and construction of school buildings, including the expenses of advertising for bids