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92 FIFTYFOUBTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gus. 99, 100. 1896. {’l¢¤‘H) ¤°¤¤*¥ =·*» of the Supplement of the Revised Statutes of the United States, be, lLS..|eh.5£7,p.92. and the same is hereby, in all things, repealed, and that the county of V°‘·"’·¥’·“°· Perry, in the middle judicial district of the UD1t0d States in the State of Tennessee be, and the same is hereby, set to, and shall hereafter compose a part oitkuthe western judicial district of the UIl1t6d·St3»fBS in P¤¤**¤K¤*=**°¤¤ said State; and cases now commenced or depending in sa1d imddle district, affected by this Act, shall be heard, tried, and determined in the smne manner a if this Act had not been passed; and the proseoution of all crimes heretofore committed in said middle district shall be prosecuted and punished in the same manner as 1f tlus Act had not been passed. Approved, April 14, 1896. April 14.1896. CHAP. 100.-An Act Granting to the Duluth and North Dakota Railroad Com- —*"‘;__‘— pany right of way through certain Indian reservations in the State of Minnesota. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United D,I{,'f1t‘§°1},fl';,'},d1$§‘,F°m‘} States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby granted ww vgmght of to the Duluth and North Dakota Railroad Company, a corporation {{’;·u organized and existing under the laws of the State of North Dakota,

 and its successors and assigns, the right of way for the extension of its

um.railroad through the Winnibagoshish, Chippewa, White Oak Point, and Red Lake Indian reservations, in the State of Minnesota, such right of , Wim- way to be fifty feet in width on each side of the center line of said milroad, and said company may also take land adjacent to such right of smm•, em. way for station buildings, depots, machine shops, side tracks, turn·outs, and water stations, not to exceed in amount two hundred feet in width and three thousand feet in length for each station, to the extent of one station for every ten miles of road constructed within the limits of said reservations. _ » __1;_§v¤··¤**¤*¤¤**¤- Sm:. 2. That before said railroad shall be constructed through any land, claim, or improvement held by an individual occupant according to any agreement, treaty, or law of the United States, full compensation shall be paid such occupant or claimant for all property taken and damage done by reason of the construction of said railroad. And it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to tix, in such manner as he shall designate, the amount of compensation to be paid individual _ Qmnpemsntion m occupants and claimants; and the amount ot damage resulting to the “""°"· tribe or tribes of Indians, in their tribal capacity, pertaining to said reservations, by reason of the construction of the road through such lands of the reservations as are not occupied in everalty, shall also be ascertained and determined in such manner as the Secretary of the “_§;;{*;=},*>";;f;,';·j,{,*g; Interior may direct, and be subject to his final approval. But no right p1m,m. of any kind shall vest in said railroad company in or to any part of the rightof way and station grounds herein provided for until plats thereof made upon actual survey for the definite location of the road, ino1uding the grounds for station houses, machine shops, side tracks, turn-outs and water stations, shall have been tiled with and approved by the Secretary of the Interior, and until the compensation aforesaid shall be S··¤··—y=- fixed and paid. And said railroad company is hereby authorized, immediately after the passage of this Act, to enter upon said reservations xljr·;··i;·»._ for the purpose of surveying and locating its line of road: Provided, "’*" """"“*“°‘ That said line of railroad shall be located, constructed, and operated with clue regard to the rights of the Indians, and under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe. C·>··m1·¤¤··¤- Sec. 3. That the rights herein granted shall be forfeited by said oompany unless said road is constructed through said reservations within three years from the passage and approval of this Act. o.mw_¤¤ of me SE<·. 4. That the provisions of this Act shall not apply to the Red 1****** I"‘“““*‘· Lake Reservation until the consent of the Red Lake Indians shall be cihtaiped thereto in such manner as the Secretary of the Interior may m irec .